Is anyone's ms just an inconvenience?

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Is anyone's ms just an inconvenience?

Postby An7164 » Wed Jul 04, 2012 9:22 pm

Hi guys,

Just looking for some reassurance that this is actually possible. As a single parent of 2 young boys I'm hoping my ms course will be more of an annoyance or inconvenience rather than a huge life changing nightmare.

I'm 40 yrs old and have probably had ms for 20 yrs although only diagnosed 5 years ago when I had some sensory symptoms. Now I have mild optic neuritis that I've had for 1 week. I was on avonex for approx 12 months and stopped because I never felt like I had ms. Obviously I need to take responsibility to give myself the best chance of minimizing relapses and I will be going back on avonex as well as combining supplements and diet.

Just curious for those that have had ON, how long did it take to resolve on it's own?

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Re: Is anyone's ms just an inconvenience?

Postby Scott1 » Thu Jul 05, 2012 3:56 am

Yes, it's possible. That's pretty much how I get by. I'm nearly 15 years older than you and was quite unwell when diagnosed nearly 20 years ago. These days I'm quite well.

Some might be really lucky and get away with doing nothing but I found I need to use medication and a few other things to stay symptom free. Fatigue is the main thing to avoid. If you can overcome that it's a good start. I follow a particular regime and others take different approaches. It's easier to stay well than get well so have a look at the posts by those who have had some success for something you can relate to.

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Re: Is anyone's ms just an inconvenience?

Postby FLJhawk » Thu Jul 05, 2012 10:14 am

You never know! Some people do great and others don't. Keep the odds in your favor by eating well, getting the oft-recommended supplements and vitamins, possibly get on malic acid and/or LDN, and exercise. I am 57 and find MS an inconvenience at this point, but I have late onset MS and am still early in the game. I have done the CCSVI thing (which may have actually helped over period of several months), malic acid, LDN, DMD and supplements. No so good on the exercise!
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Re: Is anyone's ms just an inconvenience?

Postby LauraB » Thu Jul 05, 2012 11:18 am

That's what I hope for, too.....I have had MS for about 9 years, and have been on Avonex for most of those.. I had 2 episodes where I felt heaviness/ weakness/ tingling (and both times I had MRI's which showed new lesions on my brain) before getting on Avonex....then nothing (no new lesions showing on the MRI and barely any symptoms) for 8 years.
I stopped my Avonex for a few weeks recently to see if I could do without medication, and right away I had another episode (pins and needles and numbness)..still waiting on the MRI to confirm any new lesions, but the doctors think there may be one on my spinal cord..
So, obviously, I am back on the Avonex and slowly the pins and needles and numbness are fading away.
I was born in 1987 so I am still young, and plan on having a family soon enough.. I really, really hope I can continue to lead a normal, happy life (without needing assistance for anything)..Stress seems to be the #1 trigger of my MS flareups (I even think I may of provoked the most recent flareup by stressing out so much about coming off of Avonex!), so I'm working on that + eating well (fruits and veggies) + taking B12 and C & D vitamins + continuing on Avonex..
I do a lot of yoga (not for the past few weeks cause of this most recent episode), but I'll get back to it soon, I hope!!
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Re: Is anyone's ms just an inconvenience?

Postby Music » Thu Jul 05, 2012 3:42 pm

Had ON in '93 for a week in Sept and then again for a week in Sept/94 - slight blurring in right eye. Eye Specialist didn't see anything. Moved to Calgary and was diagnosed with ON in '96. Have never had a problem since being diagnosed with it. Have had my eyes checked every two years for the last 7 years - have glasses now - and the doctors - different ones -can't see any signs of the ON?? None of us are the same.
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