Confused- please advise

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Confused- please advise

Postby fallinggirl » Thu Jul 05, 2012 8:56 pm

I had an MRI on Friday- I was unable to have it with contrast, because as they entered it to me, I got sick. I am evidently allergic to the stuff.... anyway, today I got a phone call from my primary doctor's nurse stating, "the MRI was a normal scan- there is a good bit of white matter on your brain, but it can be from a previous injury or your headaches. The doctor said to get another MRI in 6 to 12 months."

I responded with, "No. Please tell the doctor I can not continue this way! I am exhausted by 2 p.m., I have tingling hands and feet, I can't concentrate, can't speak right, the list goes on, and I fall almost daily now."

Would it be right for me to seek a neuro on my own, if the doctor will not? I am hoping she will get back to me with that in mind. For further info, I had my first episode 9 years ago- three weeks of barely walking at all.
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Re: Confused- please advise

Postby jimmylegs » Fri Jul 06, 2012 4:49 am

welcome, fg - sorry to hear you're having a bad time. you would probably need a referral from a GP, any GP to get in with a specialist. depending on your local rules and regs. but if there's a nutritional component to what you're dealing with, i can help you with that approach. a series of nutrient tests could be telling. there are a known, well-researched set of nutritional issues that are common in ms patients, and across several chronic diseases usually seen in developed countries. if you think there's a possibility that environment (diet, nutrition, stress etc) could be playing a role, you might be interested in doing a little reading - if so check out my 'signature' links below. if you have any questions feel free to ask.
odd sx? no dx? check w/ dietitian
99% don't meet these. meds/lifestyle can affect levels
status can be low in ms & other cond'ns
'but my results are normal'. typical panels don't test all
deficits occur in 'normal' range
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Re: Confused- please advise

Postby biancaizzybella » Fri Jul 06, 2012 9:29 pm

Hi, I am so sorry to hear that you are going through this. I know it can be confusing, frustrating and terrifying all at the same time. You absolutely should seek out a neuro doctor on your own if possible because they will do the proper test to diagnose you as well as rule other things out. As jimmylegs said you may need a referral. If so badger your doctor until you get one and if they don't cooperate find another general physician. I was just diagnosed with ms a month ago and I have great doctors, which really makes a difference. You don't want a doctor who makes you stressed or makes things more difficult. Stress is the number one thing to avoid. I have most likely had ms for 3 years now and every time my symptoms got bad it was because I was really stressed. I know it is difficult to not become stressed out when dealing with all of this but it really is important that you try to stay calm and relaxed. I agree with jimmylegs about the nutritional issues. A neuro will give you blood work and let you know if you have any deficiencies and you can adjust your diet accordingly. I personally have stopped eating any wheat, gluten, or dairy because they can cause inflammation (at least they do for me) which is what you are trying to avoid. A high fiber diet is also very important for people with ms. The most important thing is to find what works for you. I hope everything works out for you and goes smoothly. I am new to this myself but I hope this has helped.
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