relieving dizziness

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relieving dizziness

Postby kareng7 » Tue Feb 14, 2006 12:48 pm

I've been having dizzy spells for years. Used to be, they'd come on for a few seconds, then pass, so I didn't worry about them. I assumed everyone had them.

In the past year (since my diagnosis) they became worse, almost to the point that I couldn't function. I'd wake up feeling fine for a few minutes, and then as I started to move around doing normal activity, the wooziness would set in again. I assumed it was another link in the MS chain.

Recently, it got so bad, all I wanted to do was get back in bed and sleep. Dizziness, headaches that no pain reliever would help. Every day. I figured, time to do something. Went to my neuro--she said my physical exam was excellent, that the symptoms weren't translating into physical dysfunction. Blood results showed no sign of infection.

Went to a new GP who, after a physical exam, inspected my ears and said there was earwax on the right, blocking the drum. They did a professional cleaning--never have I been so dizzy as when the jet of water hit my right eardrum. But lo and behold, after the cleaning, my dizziness went from a 10 to a 2, within minutes.

I still have to take OTC decongestant and Flonase nasal spray to try to keep the congestion at bay, but it's helping a lot.

So, for anyone who's getting the dizziness/wooziness thing, you might want to get your ears checked and cleaned. It's no guarantee, but it could help.

(BTW, I recommend having it done professionally. Several friends and family members have told me unpleasant stories about trying the home kits.)
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