A Plausible MS Origin Theory

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A Plausible MS Origin Theory

Postby vesta » Thu Jul 12, 2012 1:24 pm

In Multiple Sclerosis blood vessels "deformed" by childhood
stress cannot accommodate the blood flow. The auto-immune response is secondary to the true cause of MS, a blood reflux which injures the brain and spinal cord. The origin of the reflux may be structural (CCSVI stenosis) as proposed by Professor Zamboni or it may be a "temporary" stress reaction to a toxic substance.

Let's re-think first causes. And then move on to real solutions.

Epidemiological studies on MS show that those who grow up close to the equator have less chance to develop MS than those living in latitudes closer to the poles. It is the latitude where one lives before age 15 that counts, not where one lives subsequently. It is therefore thought that the lack of sunlight – hence Vit D – is a factor in susceptibility to MS. Vit D is recommended for M.S. patients.

But perhaps a better explanation of the geographical factor is Winter Cold.

The shoulders and neck typically tense up under stress thus restricting circulation to and from the brain. Cold weather stiffens the muscles. Winters bring the body aches of colds and flus.

It is also said that MS patients tend to be high powered, ambitious people. Tensed up in other words. MS cases cluster in northern Europe and North Amerca. Let’s say growing up in a culturally demanding family environment (or in any case stressful) while subject to Cold weather and frequent colds and flus actually compresses and deforms the circulatory system in the child’s developing body. By the time he/she reaches age 15, the stunted blood vessels can no longer accommodate the blood flow. MS first appears in adolescents, seldom in children. Let’s compare the deformity to ancient Chinese footbinding where the tiny child’s foot cannot support the adult woman.

Food intolerances, especially to wheat and dairy products, can further compound the stress. The Neolithic agricultural revolution dates back not much more than 10,000 years, a blink of the eye in terms of biological evolution. Bowel problems are a sure sign of food “stress”.

And the disadvantage of being female (two-thirds of MS patients are women) is that one tends to internalize anger. Rather than beat someone up, women are as likely to beat themselves up. Of course, boys get bullied too. And perhaps monthly menstrual cramps in a growing girl actually "stunt" the circulatory system. Stress.

Maybe the real story behind MS is the damage to the blood vessels caused by growing up female in a 1) driven, ambitious or otherwise stressful family environment compounded by 2) a climate of Cold winters which contribute to 3) frequent viral illnesses compounded by 4) an intolerance to the wheat and lactose of a Neolithic diet.
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