Feeling warmth in Cervical Area at times.

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Feeling warmth in Cervical Area at times.

Postby Taurus » Thu Jul 19, 2012 9:30 am

Sometimes I feel warmth in my cervical area (C2-C3). This is the same place where I have one small lesion (the only in my spine). Is it normal in pwMS? Please comment :roll:
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Re: Feeling warmth in Cervical Area at times.

Postby blossom » Fri Jul 20, 2012 11:21 pm

hi taurus, i too for 20 plus yrs. have 1 lesion in that area. nowhere else not even the brain. some neuro.'s debated if it is an ms lesion. but none the less even with my insistance that i felt something was going on with my spine because of trauma's attributing to my symptoms i got branded with the symptoms they call ms. the blinders were put on and i was threw in the ms mix. to your question--yes i do get a warmth in the cervical at times. i also get better mobility when i position my head-not as much as 20 yrs. ago but i can still tell. also there is a difference when lying flat on my back. the warmth is more noticeable in the neck and my cold feet or hands warm up in minutes. my cervical does have issues the neuro.'s ignored. "and still do."

don't know your thoughts on the spinal connection to some if not all of the symptoms some of us have but dr. flanagan's input might help answer your question too.
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