Help - finding local resources near Milwaukee, WI??

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Help - finding local resources near Milwaukee, WI??

Postby rrossen » Fri Jul 27, 2012 1:33 pm

I posted first time on this board earlier today in intro section -after finding out of my MS diagnosis this past Tues. - Been on phone (and internet) ever since trying to get a neuro doc lined up. My doctor (Mark Rhyner) by all accounts seems to be an Excellent doctor (rare these days). He sincerely recommended Froedtert Institute -outside of his Columbia St Mary's network, which I felt added serious validity to his referral. Seems now Froedtert has just lost 2 of their MS neuros and can't get me in stating: 'even current patients can't get appointments' Major bummer here as I only wish to pursue with professionals who are not opposed to CCSVI, etc...I then called the 2 doctors recommended that are within CSM network and they are 'out' until late Aug!!! So I'm sitting here with mostly paralyzed left arm/hand, slurred speech -and cannot get to see anyone for some time. Also freaking out as I'm uncertain if I can even work anymore.

might anyone here have some insight as to resources near Milwaukee? I live in Eagle, just west of Mukwonago -about 45min west/south of Milwaukee. Am starting to look into Waukesha hospital/resources but am hoping someone here may be able to help me speed things up. Especially considering the process of weeding through the professionals who are not going to rip apart any of the current CCSVI, LPN, Protandim (and seemingly endless) alternative/newest possibilities, which I am just now learning about.


Thank you in advance for any help here.


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