Does a NORMAL EVP mean NO MS?

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Does a NORMAL EVP mean NO MS?

Postby wsosa572 » Fri Sep 07, 2012 11:21 am

i cant even begin to tell you what I am going through. For almost 2 years, i have been struggling with symptoms and they are just getting worse. I just have to ask, has anyone been dx with MS with a NORMAL EVP and a MRI to brain/c-spine ? Bloodwork came back fine.

these are my syptoms.
Numbness and/or pain to the legs and arms. Sometimes just legs, or arms. Sometimes, BOTH. Sometimes ONE SIIDE at a time.
Blurred vision
NON STOP urination well, sometimes I go, and think Im done, and im not.
Tingling , pins and needles feeling on my legs
Last week my calves were so tight (spasm) and in pain I couldn’t even walk
Loss of balance / dizziness
Tightness feeling that I couldn’t breath in or out for a few seconds at a time
Burning feeling on my back and foot
Electric shots ( I call it lightning feeling too)
Tremor on side of upper leg and/arm

This is what I can come up with right now, but oh, pain in my eye and my face (one side at a time) will hurt that I cant even let my hair touch it.

My MRI came back with some lesions that I shouldn’t be alarmed about, and a LIPOMA which is also nothing to worry about.

Does this mean IM CLEAR FROM MS?

What other diseases MIMIC these same symptoms? I cant take the NOT KNOWING what is wrong with me. Im losing it . I don’t know where else to turn.
My Neuro said im fine and probably stress. But um, hello, im STRESSED AND DEPRESSED bc of what is going on.
im in the NJ area. Does anyone know of a NEURO that will want to help me and run more test? I feel like my NEURO is brushing me off.

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Re: Does a NORMAL EVP mean NO MS?

Postby Scott1 » Fri Sep 07, 2012 4:24 pm


I tend to think you don't have MS but I strongly believe you need to move to a different circle of medical advisors. Your neurologist was probably planning a holiday rather than thinking about you. Get rid of him.

Have a look at this as an idea below but check with a different circle of medical people than you are currently using.

I don't mean unconventional medicine. Just see someone who will take you seriously. Even a good GP will have a good circle of contacts.

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