Update on Combination Stem Cell and CCSVI Patient

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Update on Combination Stem Cell and CCSVI Patient

Postby milesap » Tue Sep 11, 2012 4:15 am

posted on http://ccsvi-ms.ning.com Sept 10, 2012

Im Back to Report on My Combination Stem Cell and Liberation Therapy…with Videos- David Summers
Posted by David Summers on September 10, 2012 at 1:44pm
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It’s been a while since I blogged here and it’s been quite a summer for me. Some of you have probably been wondering how I’ve been doing since I first posted in May about my sequence of treatments that included both jugular vein widening and stem cells. As you’ll recall, I reported on each one of my health benefits just 60 days after the therapies I had in early April of this year. I described not only the typical symptomatic relief that comes with the liberation therapy, but other good changes in my long-term paralysis due to the MS below the waist that could not be accounted for by just vein widening alone. After only weeks following my stem cell implants, I had definitely developed new feelings and motor functions below the waist. I could actually see new muscles popping out of my legs and feet. In that first blog, I said that if I could feel sensation in my legs and had some small movements, it would be my goal to walk again. But I knew this would not happen overnight either.

After I made that kind of lengthy blog here on Locator, I received comments and calls and I want to thank all of you who supported me with your kind words and your personal phone calls. While most people who commented were supportive, many people were more than skeptical, even somewhat ‘mean spirited’, and they wanted to see how I would feel 6 months on and of course, ‘video evidence’ of my improvement. Gee…no more that I wanted to know!! And I also know that some of the ‘doubting Thomas’s’ that commented on my blog back then have probably been gloating because I haven’t blogged or posted a video since then to prove that my therapy worked in any way now almost 6 months on. After all, in their minds, my improved health at the time of my first blog could simply be chalked up to the euphoria of the ‘placebo effect’ if I didn’t continue to improve. I think this would have made them happy because to them, I would have been just some poor schmuck MS patient who had fallen for an untried, unproven half-baked theory that turned out to be snake oil (hmmm…like taking a chance on liberation therapy isn’t exactly that??!). Well, I’m sorry to disappoint all you Thomas’ out there but I’m not going to give you the satisfaction. Read on.

Since I’m all about full disclosure, I did talk to a lot of people right after that blog post because they personally wanted to confirm that I was actually seeing all these good improvements. Some of those people who called me have since gone to CCSVI Clinic to get the same treatment. I’m happy to say that I’m still in touch with many of them and to date, I believe that they are progressing about as well as I am, although I can’t give you details about how my disability level and speed of recovery compares to theirs. When I had my treatments in April, I was pretty disabled, kind of out of it, and very much secondary progressive at 8.0 on the Kurtzke scale. But rather than go over the sordid details here, you can read about how disabled I was because I just re-posted that blog from May.

We’ll get to the video in a moment, but I’m here to tell you that I have not had an MS attack since the combination therapy in April. Although I haven’t gone for a follow-up ultrasound (no place around here to get one) I think I can feel the distinct difference when my jugular veins are open and when they aren’t because I had the liberation procedure in 2010 and they didn’t stay open very long. This time, the infusion of stem cells right into the vein where they put the balloons immediately following venoplasty seems to have made the difference. I haven’t had a single sign of regression and intuitively I know that alone has made a huge difference in strengthening the jugulars and keeping them open. And isn’t this the big problem with CCSVI and the liberation therapy itself? It happened to me the first time in 2010 and I have spoken to so many others who have restenosed shortly after their liberation therapy as well. It makes me wonder why everyone is in such a rush to get it done if the veins don’t stay open and there isn’t a proven method to keep them open.

But more than that, the stem cells that were transplanted back into me a few days after they were taken from my own bone marrow and grown in the lab are what has made the rest of the difference. And it’s why I have a chance to get my full health back.

This time I don’t want to give the ‘Thomas’s’ out there the opportunity to get all negative on this blog. In case anyone doubts my story and whether or not I can stay healthy and continue my progression toward full health, you need to know that what I am experiencing is backed up by science and medical trials. I have a list of them if anyone wants to contact me. I myself am in a trial for the next 3 years. So this series of medical procedures isn’t hocus-pocus witch doctoring or placebo effect. It’s soundly rooted in evidence produced in medical trials that is just now being translated to therapy on humans, even if it can’t be done in North America for political reasons. And even if I don’t get all my functions back now or ever, just look at the difference it’s already made to my life! Instead of propping myself in front of an air conditioner like I did for the last 10 summers, last month I went to a rock concert, went out socially several times, and oh yeah…am taking regular physiotherapy that includes walking and working on my balance and strength issues. My physiotherapist is amazed and will tell anyone who will listen to her about my case. Oh yeah, and instead of being something to fear, this summer, as blazing hot as it was, I actually enjoyed the heat. Yes I have had a few setbacks because of a persistent UTI not related to the therapies, but through it all, I’ve gotten physically stronger and stronger.

So instead of a typical YouTube video that shows me mugging it up for the camera with rambling testimony that’s just my opinion based on me feeling better, this video shows the medical science behind my therapy and relates each part of that science to my recovery over time. From treatment in the hospital to the results of the therapy two months later here is proof to anyone who is viewing this and they can delve into and verify these facts with their neurosurgeon if they like.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ysFiW26M ... e=youtu.be

I wish to thank the researchers at Regenetek Cellular Technologies for taking the time to make this video, for spending so much time with me on my ongoing case file, and especially for developing this clinical protocol that will eventually make the difference to so many thousands of lives in the future. Also CCSVI Clinic of course. On a personal note, I’m a bit behind getting my personal videos done, but I promise to have more of them posted up here in shortly so you can see for yourself the back-to-back progression of my improvement over time. I promise you I am much more improved than what the video shows, but I think that I can walk at all is a miracle by itself. So please don’t despair. There is hope for people even as disabled as I was.

God Bless- David Summers
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Re: Update on Combination Stem Cell and CCSVI Patient

Postby HarryZ » Tue Sep 11, 2012 7:27 am


Needless to say I hope the information you have provided will at least make the naysayers back off a little bit. The results of your treatment have been astounding and I sincerely hope you continue to progress. I can't imagine the hope and excitement this has brought to you after years of suffering so much from this lousy disease.

Like I and many others have said, CCSVI needs a great deal more research and your situation by combining it with stem cell transplantation is but one example of what needs to be done. It's too bad some in the established world of MS medicine continue to bad mouth this work as opposed to allowing it take place without their pessimism.

Where this all leads is unknown but at least the researchers are looking into other areas of possibility that have not yet been explored.

I wish you continued success in your recovery.

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