Self Injections

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Self Injections

Postby mikaelchen » Tue Sep 18, 2012 3:37 pm

Hi, I'm a student majoring in Biomedical Engineering and am working with a group on a way to improve the method of delivery for medicine for a design course. From what I understand there are many treatments for MS, with some that require injection to be of use. My group would like to ask a couple questions concerning injecting medicine using traditional needle and syringe based on your experience (if applicable).

1. What kind of treatment are you receiving?
2. Do you receive medication requiring injection?
3. If so, how often do you need to inject the medicine?
4. What is the most common problem you run into when using a traditional needle and syringe?

Thank you.
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Re: Self Injections

Postby NHE » Wed Sep 19, 2012 1:17 am

mikaelchen wrote:3. If so, how often do you need to inject the medicine?

Just so you know, this info, and much more, is available from the doctor's prescribing information (PI) publications for each of the medications.

Avonex: ... mation.pdf
Betaseron: ... ron_PI.pdf
Copaxone: ... mation.pdf
Rebif: ... _19765.pdf

Note: Some people take Copaxone every other day which is different from what's in the PI. I've also heard of twice a week Avonex (also different from the PI), but that's pretty rare.

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