"Hmmm," please help me understand these articles!!!

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"Hmmm," please help me understand these articles!!!

Postby orion98665 » Tue Sep 25, 2012 6:35 pm

OK, i came across these two articles about PWMS testing positive for anti-phospholipid antibody (APLA) while being
treated with interferon-beta-1a.

Further evidence of an association between ischemic types of events and the MS disease progression is provided in an article by Zivadinov et al.30 who prospectively investigated over 3 years the associations of baseline serum anti-phospholipid antibody (APLA) status on the evolution of clinical and MRI measures in an MS patient cohort treated with interferon-beta. The study suggested that APLA-positive MS patients treated with interferon-beta-1a develop more severe MRI and clinical deterioration, indicating that APLA-related macro- and microvascular damage may be an important component of the MS disease process as it advances.

http://www.ingentaconnect.com/content/m ... 8/art00001

And this article.

CONCLUSION:This study suggests that APLA(+) RRMS patients treated with IFN-beta1a develop more severe MRI and clinical deterioration. Future studies are required to evaluate the role of APLA as potential biomarkers for disease prognosis versus predictors for therapeutic response to IFN-beta therapy.


So my questions are: shouldn't PWMS be tested for APLA before going on beta1a therapy ...?? Can this explain why there is such a high prevalence upwards of 90% MS'ers testing positive for CCSVI in SPMS and PPMS being that these folks are on these therapy's for much longer period of time..??? Any thoughts..??

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Re: "Hmmm," please help me understand these articles!!!

Postby gibbledygook » Sun Sep 30, 2012 2:39 am

Yes, I think that we should be tested for antibodies to phospholipids and then reconsider our avonex...
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