Can someone help interpret iron tests?

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Can someone help interpret iron tests?

Postby lstroyan » Wed Sep 26, 2012 7:16 pm

Hi everyone,

My name is Lisa. I could really use your help figuring out what questions to ask about my iron lab tests, and what next steps you would recommend.

I'm not even sure what health info is random and what is related so I'll just toss some out. I don't have (knock on wood) MS, but my estranged 1/2 sister does, and my son has something currently labeled CFS, with extreme glutamate sensitivity. I'm 44 years old, and have heavy metal toxicity (lead and mercury per challenge test), hypothyroid (on Armour 2x/d subligually), migraines if I eat any glutamate whatsoever, adrenal fatigue (managed with supplements but my son takes Cortef), and recently, overall fatigue and joint pain, with chronic cracking sounds when I move them certain ways, particularly elbows, neck, but sometimes everywhere, even my jaw pops and cracks in the mornings. I know for genetics I have one copy of H63D, one MTHFR C677T, plus at least one each of CBS and ACE (things we tested our son for).

I really started to worry recently because I dropped heavy things on three different occasions that I shouldn't have -- one moment they were in my hand and the next, smashed on the floor.

I think (hope?) my joint pain might be related to oxalates, but as I was experimenting with that theory an iron panel I had found on a thyroid site and requested from my doctor, came back abnormal. We re-ran it 11 days later and it was totally different, but in the meantime I researched iron and am fairly convinced it's a big part of my issues. I couldn't find anything that "matched" until I found this board and some of Bethr's (?) posts when searching on H63D gene.

I would love any thoughts you have on all this, either my numbers below or the overall picture. Thank you!!

9/08, 9/19 (results from two dates separated by commas. I was not on anything containing iron but did stop all supplements for 3 days before second test)

TIBC 294, 286 (ref range 250-450)
UIBC 68, 153 (ref range 150-375)
Iron, Serum 226, 133 (ref 35-155)
Iron Saturation 77 (ALERT), 47 (range 15-55 but should be below 45
according to what I can find)
Serum Ferritin 91, 71 (ref 13-150)

Hemoglobin and Hematacrit both normal but only tested the first time. Lastly, I donated blood yesterday and feel great today -- better than I've felt in a while especially in the afternoon when usually both my brain and body start feeling heavy/sluggish, but it could be placebo effect. My joint pain isn't bad but still there in my elbows.

Does this sound like retention of iron to you? Or should I be getting tested for/doing things to avoid MS? Is it possible I collect iron, as I seem to do mercury and lead? Why would the test have changed so much when I didn't change much in my life in between? I'm already taking most of the iron-overload-support supplements I could find. Is donating blood every 8 weeks sufficient? (it's nice that I can help someone instead of paying $45 copay and throwing it away).

Thanks in advance!!
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Re: Can someone help interpret iron tests?

Postby NHE » Wed Sep 26, 2012 10:34 pm

I can't answer your questions about iron, but you might be interested in reading the following thread. Phlebotomy Anyone
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Re: Can someone help interpret iron tests?

Postby lstroyan » Wed Sep 26, 2012 10:42 pm

Thanks -- I did read parts of it before I posted, but there are 76 pages now :) But I got a lot of good information out of it.
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