Warning for those going through testing

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Warning for those going through testing

Postby cindylouwho2 » Fri Sep 28, 2012 8:30 pm

Hello all,

This is just a note regarding the importance of verifying information when you have tests, results, etc. done. I was scheduled to have an MRI done of my cervical and thoracic spine. I went and had the MRI. I called a few days later to see if results were in. Then had to wait a day for doctor to return call. When I spoke with her she stated that there was nothing on MRI to show a cause for my weakness/foot drag. Then proceeded to tell me she wanted me to see a "movement" specialist. I was agreeable, but something nagged me to ask about her vagueness of the test results. She stated that I did show a bulging disc in the thoracic area, however that would not be the cause of my issue. I still think it would have prudent for her to tell me of any abnormal findings. Then I asked about the cervical portion of the MRI. After a pause, she stated she could not find those results and would get back to me the next day.

I decided to call the MRI department and ask what tests had actually been done. She stated that a cervical and thoracic spine was ordered. However, the technicians did the thoracic and lumbar. So needless to say, I did not have the tests I was supposed to, my doctor did not notice that there was an error until I questioned it. Now I have another MRI date, oh joy!

When I go in for my EMG, you know I will be asking what they are doing, and if it differs from what the doctor has told me, I will be bringing that to their attention. I mean who wants to repeat any of these tests anyways.

PS... the doctor never called me, just ordered a new MRI. Because I had called the MRI people, they were not going to schedule me until they decided what to do about the insurance problem, so I wouldn't owe for an additional test. I insisted that they schedule me, even though the supervisor was not available to discuss the insurance issue. I told them it was their issue not mine. Beware, be proactive, be downright anal if you need to be, we only get one body and it is a mighty precious thing.
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