Who owns this site?

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Re: Who owns this site?

Postby miri » Tue May 14, 2013 10:00 am

JeanDeEau wrote:It does kinda make ya wonder ...
Why should a guy who signed up here 7 years ago, and only ever posted 10 times, should suddenly want to know who "owns" the forum?
The site LDNNow is a pressure group in the UK for people who want LDN paid for by the state.
The MSWatch.com site he talks about takes you straight to a site for Copaxone.
The site TheMSForum.com is run by (and shills for) a certain dentist in the UK who can actually cure MS.

This site is open. Your view is as good as my view (until the moderators lower the boom).
So maybe there are no posts today that interest me (or you), but there is always tomorrow.

This may be a bit irrelevant, but just wanted to add that everyday people can also act nasty - even tacitly. A past experience I'll never forget (which goes on all the time) is this:

I used to post long ago, on WebMD, before catching on to the totalitarian nature of it's "professionals" (a story in & of itself). At that time, i'd posted on various WebMD forums, re: heavy bleeding issues, hoping for some genuine solution. Simultaneously, I discovered on my own (by a fluky coincidence) that my high-power Samsung LCD was a trigger AND that Black Cherries were healing my gross UTI caused by the high-power EMFs(and fluresence).

So when I subsequently offered people my tips (when members had similar bleeding UTI complaints)
...and never mind that the WebMD UNprofessionals were offering useless advice

.....the fellow bleeders then posted to each other, with one of them thanking the other for stating (however briefly & curtly) that the cherries resolved her issue, since otherwise that 2nd person "wouldn't have believed the evidence of her eyes, that the cherries were working for her too". All that, as if I wasn't in on it, and as if my posting the tip about something so "primitive" as cherries hadn't helped.

So you betta believe, average people are just as stupid as professionals.
Basically, I call lack of common decency "stupid" no matter if they're brilliantly lingual & jargonny.

So my above example, is what I call elitist stupidity (and I have siblings like that)
Whereas common "sh-- f-- rudeness", I call trashy stupidity (the www is full of that)
Reachable via PM. Seems I have Higbee's HSII on ThisIsMS. Frustrated by MSers, FMers, Lymers & Prematurely-Aged-By-EMFers who prefer cryptic jargonian Systems Vs. Intuitive empirical experience. Don't simple truths count for anything anymore?
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