Any Medication Allergies?

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Any Medication Allergies?

Postby BadKittyCat » Mon Oct 22, 2012 4:10 pm

Quick backstory: dx with RRMS last May, and started trying meds in September. I developed an allergy to Copaxone after 4 doses... and now Betaseron after only 3 (and if I had been smart about it, would have recognized it sooner with both). Yes, the whole throat swelling thing... not fun.

At least I'm smiling now, while waiting for people to get back to me. Seriously, though, had anyone else had any experience like this?
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Re: Any Medication Allergies?

Postby dez2000 » Thu Nov 01, 2012 4:29 am

Most allergies are diet related. See internet: 'sugar the sweetest poison of all’. Most all allergies are eliminated by Vitamin C (even drug related) and supplements. How much? What ever it takes, Alternative medicine doctors are using 200 grams a day and more, oral, iv, and injection. Do the research. Works for me. Vitamin C works wonders alone, but most vitamins support vitamin c and are all interrelated for optimized health. I have been taking vitamin C and supplements for 50 years and the last 5 years, up to 15 grams (15,000 milligrams) a day. Never had a reaction to any vitamin, mineral, herbal or supplement and I take a couple dozen a day. Only had one slight allergy to capsicum in peppers, but a little extra pantothenic took care of that. ...dez...
The study of Dr F R Klenner’s life, as doctor in Reidsville NC is a classic example of a daring pioneer in medicine who chose to cure, not just treat his patients. Let him become your doctor. The Klenner Protocol is his cure for MS. …dez...
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