Is any remyelinating drug in Phase 1 trail ?

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Is any remyelinating drug in Phase 1 trail ?

Postby gopi » Sat Mar 04, 2006 6:36 pm

Is any remyelinating drug in Phase 1 trail or more ?
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Postby bromley » Mon Mar 06, 2006 9:06 am


Re-myelination is being looked at all over the world.

Professor Neil Scolding in the UK is looking at stems cells to re-myelinate. The last I saw he was looking at human trials in 2-3 years. ... eid=254673

The UK MS Society is also funding a myelin repair project based in Cambridge, UK. They are looking at 5-10 years. ... index.html

The Myelin Repair Foundation is focussed on Myelin repair - by the end of the decade.

<shortened url>

Canada is also funding a myelin repair project.

Several of the drugs companies are looking at ways to promote re-myelination e.g. Acorda Therapeutics. Most are in very early stages of development.

So lots going on but difficult to say when therapies to re-myelinate will be available - perhaps within 5 years (a guess).

But the other side of the coin is to stop the de-myelination and there are obviously lots of drugs in the pipeline which seek to do this.

But it is not just re-myelination. Loss of nerve fibres e.g. axons which are covered by myelin is considered to be the cause of disability. Lots of work is on-going to look at ways to regenerate lost nerve fibes e.g. nerve growth factors.

So lots going on at halting the disease and repairing the damage. Hope this helps.

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