I am new here

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I am new here

Postby ceeweed » Tue Oct 30, 2012 3:57 pm

Hi there, I am new here and not yet dx ... and am quite concerned as my symptoms have been going on for six months and my neurologist seems quite perplexed.
It all started May 4th when i had the most debilitating headache of my life (never getting migraines or headaches really), this was terrible and sent me to emergency after 5 days of a shooting pain (like electrical shock) on one side of my head. So doc ordered cat scan which showed small cyst and suggested to get MRI of brain ... where it confirmed the cyst and some increased white matter that could be demylineation or scarring and only suggested a follow up MRI in a year.
So in the mean time and within 5 days of the headache, I noticed my left leg below the knee had sensory loss ... like it was numb or asleep ... and this went on for 4 months - kind of going from worse with more tingling ... and sometimes in hands as well.
So I waited to see the neurologist at the end of September. I started running again in August, and noticed my leg got significantly worse when running (like i had a club leg - still just in the left).
Then suddenly, after 4 months of this, the numbness suddenly went to my other leg and up my thigh and up to my waist in less than three days. Luckily I was only days away from seeing the neurologist so just waited until then ... also itching/burning and tight banding at waist and some pain in the front.

Neuro ordered MRI of thoracic ... which showed one small (7.5mm) inflammation and lesion at T6, which the radiologist was saying was questionable Transverse Myelitis. Questionable becuase it was short and because my symptoms went over 4 months, and not quickly, and because my brain didn't show demylineation (well i thought they were questioning that which is why i have to go back!?).

So - neuro also ordered EVP's (which came back normal), and LP (which still awaiting OB results) ... all blood tests from LP came back normal as well as he has checked all other blood tests and tehy are also fine.

But here's the question - I now notice that when i run (i have started again because i have to try to combat the anxiety and stress i am feeling) ... the leg numbness still gets worse, and now I have just noticed that I get Lhermittes sign when i go for a run or even a short brisk walk and when i cool down (15 minutes) it goes away. But yet, I have never experienced Lhermittes as a regular symptom.

I also, after working hard and sweating, noticed that my hands siezed/spasmed (like a big knot when i tried to move it) - a fork flew out of my hand because of it - then weakness (had a hard time writing) and tremors - this lasted for two days then subsided .. so told my neuro about it and he thought it was unrelated and might just be anxiety. (what?) but he ordered a thoracic and cervical MRI and this time with a better 3T MRI machine ... this thursday.

My question is - can you get lhermittes or hand probles as just a symptom of overheating even though neither are the regular symptom (which for me is the numbness of legs to waist)?

And is it common to have normal EVPS and still have MS?

And is it common to have your 'first attack' last so long? _ mine is now going on 5 months .??

PLease help and so sorry for the long winded message ... but i have been following your site for a while.
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