Clonus suppression

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Clonus suppression

Postby ssmme » Sun Nov 04, 2012 4:15 pm

I use an elliptical machine for cardio health but my clonus causes my legs to bounce when using the machine. It's very frustrating. The same thing occurs on exercise bikes and stair climber machines. I would use a treadmill but my foot-drop doesn't allow it. Is there a specific drug I could take to "mask" the clonus without causing extreme drowsiness? I need energy to work out. I don't think baclofen is the answer and I'm not sure ampyra would help with clonus. Any suggestion would be welcome.
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Re: Clonus suppression

Postby jimmylegs » Sun Nov 04, 2012 5:32 pm

hi there, i just asked a long overdue follow up question re the magnesium in your supplement regimen, on another thread. depending on the answer, there might be a relevant way forward re clonus

Symptomatic Magnesium Deficiency in Surgical Patients ... 4-0086.pdf
"The patient exhibited generalized tremulousness with hyperreflexia, sustained ankle clonus and hyperactive deep tendon reflexes... The failure of this tetany-like state to respond to calcium suggested that magnesium deficiency might be responsible for this syndrome. A serum magnesium level on the morning after admission was founlld to he 0.37 mEq./L., confirming the clinical suspicion of hypomagnesemia."
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