thoughts-equator-ms-grounding-pemf-ultra violet light

If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.

thoughts-equator-ms-grounding-pemf-ultra violet light

Postby blossom » Sun Nov 11, 2012 3:37 pm

as lyndacarol poined out in a discussion on one of the antibiotic threads concerning killing bacteria in the blood with ultra violet light -- could this have something to do with lower rates of ms nearer the equater? there is certainly more sun.

also if anyone has read on "grounding" or "pemf therapy". it's the idea that people as we got more busy and modernized we do not connect as much to the earth and the magnetic field that is also essential to our health. bare feet or leather will let you get what you need-hard to find leather soled shoes and if you think about it the increase of ms etc. got going strong about the time more and more wear synthetic shoes with synthetic soles. which interfers with essential needs of life. i can't remember bare footing much in snow. and if we were out we had rubber boots. but near the equator barefooting and leather sandal type shoes would be more the norm.

now there are grounding devices and pemf devices that are supposed to help. but, i'd think growing up in the right area when our bodies were forming a lot of what we are today would be a big plus if you were near the equator. maybe?

just more food for thought--geesh-after reading and watching these things my body kinda feels like i'm filled with sludge-rubber soled shoes most my life, now a wheelchair-i can't remember when the last time i put my bare feet on the ground. but i do remember it always felt good.---did you ever notice that most babies will get their shoes off first chance they get? maybe they know something we forgot. or watch your cat or dog if there's some sunlight coming in they'll usually lay there a while.

also if you read on this stuff pay attention to what it's supposed to do for the "circulation" amongst other good stuff .

and the best thing there doesn't seem to be any bad side effects.
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