Moving Sensation in my Brain 2 weeks B4 I was diagnosed

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Moving Sensation in my Brain 2 weeks B4 I was diagnosed

Postby TaureDawn » Mon Dec 24, 2012 4:02 am

I was diagnosed with MS February 13th 2012. A couple of weeks prior something very very very strange happened. So strange that it is hard to talk about and explain to others.

About 2 weeks before my diagnoses I was experiencing severe headaches, extreme tiredness and felt extremely sleepy among other MS symptoms. My eyes would quickly give me brief double vision the it was ok again.

Now for the very weird thing that happened: Again, a couple of weeks before I was diagnosed something bizarre happened to me. I quite literally felt a movement in my head. Like something was crawling around inside of it. The crawling sensation did not hurt but felt extremely odd. Even stranger I could "hear" it as it slipped around. What I was hearing was not coming from my ears (outside noise) but actually from inside the brain similar to being able to hear yourself think.

Has anyone ever felt (and heard) something moving in their brain? Amy ideas of what it could have been?
Now I do get a crawling sensation in other areas of my body -- after the diagnoses.

[cen]~Diagnosed with Relapsing/Remitting MS February 13th 2012.~[/cen]
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Re: Moving Sensation in my Brain 2 weeks B4 I was diagnosed

Postby jimmylegs » Mon Dec 24, 2012 8:24 am

hi and welcome. yes, i used to feel a sort of straining in my brain behind my left eye in particular, when i was having trouble processing spatial info while moving. ie driving. it was hard. i found out i was zinc deficient. fixed that, problem solved. not sure if you're in the same boat. only other crawling sensations i had were related to c-spine lesions (lhermitte's sign).
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Re: Moving Sensation in my Brain 2 weeks B4 I was diagnosed

Postby bartman » Mon Dec 24, 2012 3:13 pm

Maybe, just maybe something is crawling in your head. Are you familiar with the biggest controversy in medicine? Lyme disease and coinfections ? These are bacteria, protozoa, parasites etc... You should educate yourself and know that these infections are stealth infections and very hard to identify thru testing and very hard to eradicate. That's why you need to treat with multiple antibiotics for as long as you need. Lyme disease mimics MS and is very often misdiagnosed. MS meds will make an infection worse and that includes steroids. If you were just diagnosed in Feb you have a good chance of getting it early. Look into what I am telling you, it's very possible and likely probable.
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