Jimmylegs...my lab results

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Re: Jimmylegs...my lab results

Postby Anonymoose » Fri Apr 05, 2013 6:29 am

I gave up a lot of caffeine. Would that have impacted zinc? It doesn't seem like I reduced mag rich foods when I was loading up on potassium...just had a lot more to eat/drink. Who knows though?? I really didn't take that much d3 so it's hard to believe that a few doses would knock down my mag especially since I took a few doses of mag too. Maybe the clonidine lowered the mag??

The mag l threonate has 144mg mag l threonate and 2000mg magtein. I took it last night with a 4000d3 (I don't even have 5000). The dosage on the mag is so strange...can you tell if that's a good mag/d3 ratio?? :confused:

The amiloride definitely inhibits excretion of potassium (increasing na excretion). I'm not yet sure how it causes magnesium levels to go up. I think the mag increase is less common. It can also cause zinc to go up. I'll be careful with it (if I can get it!). I just have to give it a try as it might keep my brain from shrinking (hubby has been beating me at crosswords lately and that is just not right!). It does a lot of stuff clonidine does in a different way and helps with the nmdas, amyloids, cell polarization/endothelial health, peripheral neuropathy pain, yadda yadda. And it's a much weaker diuretic. Can't pass that up.

Now I'm going to nag you. Get an MRI!!! How am I supposed to go with just a nutritional approach if I don't know that it protects your brain from MS?? Your study of n=1 is incomplete without the MRI. :P
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Re: Jimmylegs...my lab results

Postby jimmylegs » Fri Apr 05, 2013 7:59 am

coffee definitely interferes with zinc so yes, less caffeine could definitely have had an impact.

have you ever done a calculation to see the actual mg per day of magnesium from your typical diet? if not, that would be an interesting exercise.

as for your mag product.. hard to say.. is there an online link anywhere to detailed product info? could be easier to tease out with more to read.

GET YOUR ZINC UP before adding new drugs. please. :)

as for MRI, I have some very recent ones of my knee, will that help? ;) yeah I guess it's time for another 'after' scan. my first two were two close together, I think one in the start of 2006, one at the end of 2007. too early in the process and I didn't understand everything yet. another year and we should have more info for ya :S
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