My Uncle with MS has started a non profit organization

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My Uncle with MS has started a non profit organization

Postby goldsushi » Wed Jan 30, 2013 8:06 am

My uncle was diagnosed with MS a few years ago and it has been a very tough struggle for him. He has been nothing but strong and resilient. He started a non-profit organization called "Moving forward with MS" based out of Carr, Colorado. Please check out some of the links below. He would really like to start a community to keep things moving forward. Thank you.

Below is his Mission Statement. He is extremely dedicated and would love to start a community. KEEP MOVING FORWARD!

Hello There!
My name is Christopher Daidone and I was diagnosed with ms in 2008 after experiencing many symptoms unknowingly over the years. It began to slow me down till I was broke, depressed and in a wheelchair. Two years into my experience after fighting of medications that made me numb, depression that diminished my will and an incurable disease of the nervous system that tends to act more like a short circuiting voodoo doll..I slowly began to find that if I maintained a certain diet lots of speech and physical therapy I was able to build the strength to get up out of the wheelchair and with certain stretching techniques and a little courage I began to walk using a cane/walker. I started to feel the will to start a new journey that brought me to Co were the weather is cool and dry. A cross country trip with its share of breakdowns. We were not ready and considered turning around and head back in shame. We began to come to terms quite naturally, we were not turning around, we were going to live where we broke down or we were going to make it to Colorado, Come hell or high water. So mom, my older brothers, gypsy the dog, pyewackett the cat, the rv I named “betsy” a large moving truck and our trailered car and I kept moving forward...
I hope you will spend some time with me and let me tell you how much you can help by donating to the “Moving Forward with MS “foundation.
My intent is to raise funding to build a foundation dedicated to providing a helping hand to many that find themselves in my position. I will be organizing dinners, shows and many other fun events to raise contributions to this end. I will encourage local businesses to join my efforts by giving them a place for everyone to see their love and generosity. We will be awarding grants towards the purchase of exercise equipment to bicycles.”Sad to say many go without” Or a gym membership that can make a difference in the life of someone struggling with a disease that stops them from moving.
I hope to inspire those who have lost so much hope in their lives encouraging them to be “Moving Forward with MS” not only locally but nationally as well. No contribution to this effort can be too small. There will be a cure one day, and we will be supporting the efforts to bring this cure to the forefront. In the meantime together we can help bring action and movement into the lives of so many without it.
Please join me in my efforts, my passion, and my dream of being a positive force in the MS community and help provide this opportunity to those not yet able to find their footing.
The “Moving Forward with Ms Foundation” is raising funds to help provide services and/or equipment for disabled Ms Patients through donations and unique items for purchase online and at events nationwide. All proceeds are to be used for this purpose...

Our Mission

Strength, Balance and Motion have become three things that I have worked and sought after in my own recovery. These Three fundamentals are the focus of ‘Moving Forward with MS”
There is a lot of equipment that may be difficult and expensive for patients trying to recover from an exacerbation to acquire or gain access to. Due to this “Moving Forward with MS” is offering an “Extra Help” grant towards helping to build strength. Especially when you are struggling or bound to a wheelchair these needs can fall by the wayside.

Strength…Exercise equipment to Fitness center memberships

Many MS patients struggle with balance in their daily lives due to demyelization in the central nervous system. Helping to create stability is an expense many can’t afford. There are exercises that can immensely improve one’s balance. To this end the “Extra Help “grant can be applied to gain access to these programs.
Balance… Yoga classes, Swim classes and Chiropractic service.

Many lives are turned upside down due to MS and much can be lost when exacerbations erupt. There are many things to contend with and moving towards an active life isn’t easy. We all do what we can but sometimes a little extra help goes a long way. That is why the “Extra Help” grant is going to be extended to help others to keep “Moving Forward with MS”. With strength and balance putting it in action can be the most fulfilling of all activities.
Motion…Mobility accessories. ... 8922202606

You can also check out his FB page (you can find his name on the website under the our mission portion). to see how dedicated he is to this venture.
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