Maybe a flare up, looking for others input

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Maybe a flare up, looking for others input

Postby diddypc » Thu Feb 28, 2013 10:16 pm

Had MS for 3 years now(well been diagnosed that long). Only had a couple numb spots and fatigue. I had a wierd pain at the base of my head a few weeks prior, a burning/dull ache that only aspirin would relieve ever 4 hours. That kinda creeped back last wekk a bit. Now I had an eye irritated something fierce coming home from work. At home it persisted then I became very tired, I had trouble swallowing, my voice went hoarse, and then my left arm started to tingle. I sat down for about 15 minutes and drifted off and on to sleep then felt pretty good. Except I had difficulty swallowing, my whole left side went tingly/numb(not entirely numb) and I started to veer to the right when I would walk. I could walk and somewhat maintain my path but it was clearly unstable. Went to the doctor the next morning(not my neurologist, too expensive!) and he quickly felt that I had sinus infection. I had a bad case of flu 2 weeks prior and was still a bit congested. Doc saw drainage in my throat and that my eye was pretty bloodshot and irritated. My throat where the thyroid would be had swollen areas as well. The doc could explain everything away with the sinus infection except for the wierd left side thing. I'm on a cortesteroid spray into the nose and anti-biotics for 2 days now. Since I've not experienced a flare up yet, could this be one? How long does the flare up sysmptoms last for some of you from the onset to the end? Outside of the eye giving me trouble(which is common with sinus infection) my symptoms only lasted about 15 minutes with exception to the ongoing left side numbness. And I still have sensation on that side, but what's cold feels warm and what's warm I don't feel much at all.
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