Tremor and numbness question

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Tremor and numbness question

Postby silverwings87 » Mon Mar 04, 2013 10:52 pm

Hey, I'm in the process of finding a diagnosis, I guess the general consencess is that it could be ms.

Anyways, my tremor seemed to the worse with my last flare, and I was if anyone else has this type of tremor and my know what it's called. When it flares up, it gets worse if I'm stressed, hot, or just wake up. It gets ALOT worse if I hold something like my camera or use the power washer to was a car. It doesn't happen when my hand is at rest, only when I felx my wrist, the more intense tremor usually goes away after a few hours. It happens mostly in my right are, but ive had it in my left, my shoulders and my legs... Can anyone relate? YouTube video if anyone wants to see it in action.

My numbness and tingling... I notice it most at night while I'm sleeping, I wake up and my may be compleaty numb, and I don't seems to be laying on it, but it doesn't last long. I get tingels in my leg if I sit in car for too long, and my heels go numb if I put the slightest pressure on them... Because it doesn't last long I'm not sure if it could be an ms symptom, it's more like if you sit on you leg too long... Any thoughts on this??

Thank you all.
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Re: Tremor and numbness question

Postby ljelome » Tue Mar 05, 2013 12:06 am

Hi silverwings,
Could ur numbness become worse after u sit is because ur blood circulation is not good. that's why sitting too long n laying on bed too long make ur symptoms come or get worse. i had numbness n tingling all over my body. if i sit too long i found my numbness becoming more intense. i got diagnosed with MS.
that's my experience. thank u.
Warm regards,

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Re: Tremor and numbness question

Postby silverwings87 » Tue Mar 05, 2013 12:11 pm

Thanks, yeah, it does seem like my circulation is not the same as it used to be.. And for only 25, that's saying something.. Lol. I'll Definitely bring it up in my next visit. I'm pretty sure I've got Allodynia, sometimes my boyfriend with pat me on the leg lightly and it will send me through the roof...
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