Do microwaved food and milk make your MS symbtoms worse, i

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Re: Do microwaved food and milk make your MS symbtoms worse,

Postby stevelord » Tue Mar 12, 2013 3:03 am

Actually I would think that the milk or microwaved food harm to MS would be the easiest to prove. Anyone who eats microwaved food each day just stop completely for lets say four days using the microwave and compare the difference, same with milk, cheese is ok. Should see a difference because both of them are so violently hard on my autoimmune problem. I am autoimmune disease free unless I go off my regimen but those two things create symptoms many times greater than any other triggering insult I can experience Once I even did a blind test, I had a friend mivrowave ont piece of food and cook that was then indistinguishable from the other cooked half without a microwave, and I coud tell the difference from the pain in my autoimmune problem stomach in a few seconds after swallowing, making the correct call.

Steve Lord



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