The Internet is a surveillance state

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The Internet is a surveillance state

Postby HappyPoet » Sun Mar 17, 2013 1:38 am

The Internet is a surveillance state

Well, so much for HIPPA laws protecting our personal health information, especially in this era of 'digital medical records.'

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Re: The Internet is a surveillance state

Postby NHE » Sun Mar 17, 2013 2:46 am

Just a few suggestions...

DuckDuckGo for trackless searching.

Nancy Reagan was right. Facebook? Just say no!

An email is the equivalent of a postcard. Put it in an envelope. Use free email encryption. GPG.

In Mozilla, set your referer header to block sites from knowing what page you were just at.

Use your hosts file to block tracking sites.

Clear your browser's cache on a regular basis if not daily. This gets rid of tracking files known as web bugs.

Set your browser to refuse third party cookies. Most of these are used solely for advertising and tracking.

Test your browser and firewall security at GRC's ShieldsUP and PC Flank.
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Re: The Internet is a surveillance state

Postby JeanDeEau » Sun Mar 17, 2013 4:54 am

Hey, live in the real world, willya.
You win an auction on ebay - ya leave some data behind.
You sell something on Gumtree - same thing.
Facebook? The very worst place to leave data.
Same with any of the social networking sites.
Buy something on Amazon, and the record of your credit card stays ready for your next buy.

You did all this. Not the government, not big business, not the oil companies, not big pharma, but YOU.
Your choice to pay cash, or buy on the internet. The internet does not make you do anything.
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Re: The Internet is a surveillance state

Postby blossom » Sun Mar 17, 2013 4:20 pm

i was a late bloomer at getting a computer. i had never touched one let alone put any info. of myself on one. yet, out of curiousity one of the first things i started looking up was "me". i was not too happy about how much a complete stranger or a snoopy person had access to "me." so, even though yes we all hold some guilt to this mess it's like anything else that seems so great-before everybody gets so dependent on things nobody that created all this good stuff was thinking ahead on what to do about the bad that seems inevitable. the banks never had my permission to put my business in cyberspace nor the dr.'s or anybody else but too much of it was there. now, most jobs you have to apply on line. there ya go

I bet if i had a pimple on my butt and it was worth anything the irs and govt. would know more about it than i would.----i don't doubt if they aren't already they have ways of screwing with info. and certain web sites.


Here's a little fun about all this-
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