Affordable Care Act

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Affordable Care Act

Postby its2much » Fri Apr 05, 2013 12:04 pm

Does anyone know what effect the Affordable Care Act has on the price of prescription drugs? Will there be caps on what a patient has to pay? Tried to find information online but can't get an answer to that question.
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Re: Affordable Care Act

Postby blossom » Sat Apr 06, 2013 8:50 pm

There is lots of read to google-i can't seem to get them to link here

i tried to understand it but are we to understand?? :YMPARTY: think there will still be surprises.

this supposed to be medicare they're trying to make it sound fair--but the bottom line if middle class working or middle class worker that became disabled and you tried to save and do right you are getting the shaft. "the golden one"! don't let me or others have over this certain amt. in the bank to get cut a break. they want you down to the fuzz in the pockets is empty. then you get the break. "and then you get what they give." but, what if i had that money put back to help me get better or try to with some treatment they don't pay for?????

don't get me wrong i want to see everyone sick get help. there are those that never had a chance from the day they were born they needed help or people truly fell on hard times etc.BUT, there are many that just plain take advantage. and the reason they do is because they're allowed to.

i read till i'm cross eyed-i was just getting the hang of the old medicare but that was a stroke of luck now this. i can't wait "i feel safer already". :-S

i understand that smokers will pay higher rates--BUT, i haven't heard or read anything about crack heads or herion addicts or any other snorting "disorders" that will be penalized. oh yeah, and if you are overweight you will be paying more. maybe they should be sending a little more time checking out our food sources and inforce laws in place so when we buy our food it is what it is what it should be. a true chicken or real veggies aren't gonna make ya fat but if the chicken is loaded with hormones, steroids salt and god knows what---????????? WTF I COULD GO ON AND ON.

but, if they were looking to make it fair then make it an even playing field i want the ins. they have i want their dr.'s-the treatment options-the rest homes they go to etc. i'll pay what they pay "NOTHING"!

oh well, bottom line, who knows, every year according to what i was trying understand this kicks in that kicks out--so all i know
is especially if you are straddling the middle class - i'm trying to hold onto my ass and go for the ride. they don't want us to undersand it.--then it's too late.

oh yeah, and just say there are no more smokers--cig.'s cost is mostly tax--then they have to figure out a new tax-----now that's one thing they are very good at.

and i'm not getting all political-the democrats verses republicans. they all dipped into and mismanaged my paid in social security and medicare money for many yrs. and now they 're screwing more and more with savings or anything else ya got.and, now we're gonna pay the piper for their wrong doings. and the beat goes on. i and many others worked hard tried to save and i feel very betrayed and vurnable at this ripe old age and yrs. of trying to hang in there and do right. and having a lot of company in this mess just isn't comforting.
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Re: Affordable Care Act

Postby marcstck » Sat Apr 13, 2013 4:33 pm

The affordable care act has absolutely nothing to do with Medicare. Medicare is a government administered program, basically socialized medical insurance. The affordable care act relies on private insurers to cover the vast majority of Americans. This is done by mandating that all Americans with the means be covered by private medical insurance (either through their employer or through Insurance exchanges set up on a state-by-state basis), and provides subsidies for those who can't afford to do so. For the very poor, Medicaid has been expanded, again on a state-by-state basis. Some state governors are refusing to expand their Medicaid coverage, however, so coverage will vary state-by-state.

Therefore, what you pay for prescription drugs will be between you and your private insurance provider. While certain guidelines have been set by the government (such as no exclusions for pre-existing conditions), the situation will remain very much the way it is now for those with private insurance. Coverage will depend on your individual insurance plan…

For those already on Medicare, the affordable care act changes absolutely nothing.
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