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In my view, some of the research that holds most promise is the research on tissue from MS sufferers. A talk by the UK MS Tissue Bank is taking place next week (I can't attend but will try to get hold of the material or see what is posted on the UK MS website). I'm particularly interested in the third element of the presentation - the antibodies produced within the CNS. If such anti-bodies were the cause of the damage, then targeting them would seem a sensible strategy. But I assume the anti-bodies are produced because of a foreign body in the system e.g. virus or bacteria!


Event: Talk on the UK MS Tissue Bank and Research
Date: 30 March 2006
Location: National Centre

This awareness talk will be about the important work of the UK MS Tissue Bank and the research being undertaken using donated tissue. There will be three speakers talking about different aspects of MS, the Tissue Bank and the research:

Professor Richard Reynolds is the Professor of Cellular Neurobiology, Head of Department of Cellular & Molecular Neuroscience at Imperial College London and Scientific Director of the UK MS Tissue Bank. He will talk about the changes that occur in MS in the brain and spinal cord, and give an overview of the research.

Dr Abhi Vora, Manager of the Tissue Bank, will talk about the work of the Tissue Bank and the provision of tissue for research.

Roberta Magliozzi, visiting research fellow at the Tissue Bank, will talk about the research she is carrying out trying to understand how antibodies produced within the central nervous system of people with living with MS may be involved in causing damage to myelin and nerve cells.
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