The equator

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The equator

Postby trisca » Fri Apr 12, 2013 8:49 am

I've just returned from a holiday in Kenya (right near the equator, I even stood on the equator.) After about 7-8 days my symptoms had improved dramatically. On our 2nd day my poor husband ended up having to carry me back to our room after I couldn't walk back from a walk around the hotel grounds.

But the end of the holiday I didn't think twice about having to walk around the town.

I have more energy that I've had in months. (I feel taller, not dragged down.)

I didn't have any of the temporary heat symptoms even though it was hot (30c) and humid.

Is that strange? Is it the sun? Are there any other options? I could only think of magnetism.

Have there been any studies on people with ms that move to (very close to) the equator?

How long do you give it before I'm back to the way I was last month?
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