MS Awareness Week 26 hour Non-stop Radio Show

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MS Awareness Week 26 hour Non-stop Radio Show

Postby MSUK » Tue Apr 23, 2013 1:30 am

Hope this is OK to post here.... squiffs :-D

As part of MS Awareness Week 2013, Crash Radio UK and Multiple Sclerosis-UK aka MS-UK, are pleased to announce a 26 hour marathon breakfast radio broadcast on Monday 29th April from 7am non-stop until 9am 30th April. Presented by John Habkirk, MS-UK Website Manager aka Crash’s very own Squiffy!

Requests can be made for any song for a minimum £2 bid, more would be better! There will be auctions for specific songs and prizes, including bidding and winning your very own custom made one hour radio programme. To be broadcast at a mutually convenient time in the following days after Squiffy’s marathon radio show and with a copy produced for you to keep.

Yes, your very own one hour programme, you pick the music, you decide what you want in the links and you decide who presents it. For example; the news headlines from your date of birth. Include stories, true or falsified of your family and pets. What did the neighbours do yesterday, what did your favourite sporting team do. Imagine your recording with “An MS-UK manager fell on a hedge trimmer earlier today and had a close shave….” on it. Even fictitious stories like. “Police visited a house in Wigan yesterday belonging to a Ms. Norma Foster, and discovered hidden bones under the patio believed to belong to her two dogs….” We can include news, weather, jingles, name drops and more to make your recording special, all about you and your family and friends.

However, you have to be in it to win it. All donations go towards MS-UK’s work on helping all those affected by MS. Donations and bids can be made via the Justgiving link set up for the Marathon 26 hour Breakfast Show - A textgiving link is also available by entering; msaw60 £xxx to 70070. Were xxx is the amount in £’s.

Check out the Crash Radio UK website now -
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