Parasites for MS - University of Wisconsin

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Parasites for MS - University of Wisconsin

Postby daniel » Tue Apr 23, 2013 8:33 pm

Worm therapy: Why parasites may be good for you


When Turk arrived at the clinic, John Fleming, a professor of neurology, presented him with a vial of clear liquid. “It tasted a little bit salty but otherwise it was just water," says Turk. "I couldn’t see the eggs or anything.”

For the next three months, he and four others visited the lab every two weeks to swallow doses of 2,500 parasite eggs. At the start of the trial, MRI scans showed patients had an average of 6.6 active lesions – scars on the protective layer around nerve cells that disrupt the transmission of electrical messages in the brain and spinal cord. By the end of the study, that number had dropped to two. Two months after discontinuing the worm treatment, the lesions rebounded to an average of 5.8. “The beauty of this is that the number of new lesions is really an objective, brutally honest answer,” Fleming says. “It’s not proof, it’s not definitive, but at least it’s promising.”


Has anyone heard about this before / know more details?

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Re: Parasites for MS - University of Wisconsin

Postby mrbarlow » Wed Apr 24, 2013 2:46 am

I have been on hookworm therapy for past 26 months and have dropped Rebif (9 months ago).

I now have virtually no symptoms other than occasional buzzing in left foot and slight blurring in left eye. Rebif almost killed me.

See my thread in Regimens.
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