way beyond vascular testing is underprescribed

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way beyond vascular testing is underprescribed

Postby miri » Mon May 13, 2013 8:29 pm

Can anyone offer proof that i'm wrong in envisioning that more people would recover from various liebelled illnesses if the following paradigm for Anatomical Repair Systems would be made standard:

Step One: Micro-pixel Transparency

Capture pictures of the internal anatomy of patients, breaking the pics down into, say, micropixels, indicating every micro-location of plaque, parasites, metals etc. within body. Work with physicists and techs who are experts in the fields of ROFES, L.I.F.E.System, SCIO etc. to create an eclectic system of non-invasive, thorough, transparent-thus-irrefutable diagnostics

Step Two: Recoup Olde Tymes, yet effective, detox methods

Some of those old-fashioned, least invasive methods actually worked. So attempt to re-enact them by:

  • incorporating TDP Lamps combined with whichever bentonite clay proves to genuinely have a pulling effect (which i've yet to find any to compare with on-site location at Northernmost DeadSea) although i've read that such clay was available in bulk via a long-defunct well-digging (or mining?) company in the past, and it was repeated by a local naturopath during a chat, though he didn't remember the name of the company.
  • Better yet, set up a warm mudpool room, containing a pool of quicksand-type pulling mud, augmented with Far Infrared heaters radiating onto the mudpool strategically
    see: http://user.xmission.com/~total/temple/ ... sauna.html
    and see story re: ceramic factory: http://www.eytonsearth.org/tdp-mineral-lamp-clay.php
  • every day, while inside infrared-mudpool, patients should drink approx. 1/2 gallon or less of alkaline ionized water
  • every day patients should be enabled a session on a vibration machine (oscillating pivot only), with duration of session determined by individual tolerance

Step Three: Current technology

Combo therapy of MSC cells plus angioplasty as determined by aforesaid Transparent MicroPixel Software if such software would have been created as mentioned above.
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