Marijuana questions

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Marijuana questions

Postby miri » Tue May 14, 2013 1:52 pm

I'm still confused, after reading the long thread about MJ, plus sites which discuss its properties.


(1) Do most board members favor the idea of controlled legalization Vs. all across the board? Because I'm all for no-strings legality, and against any form of control or patents. (I believe the same goes for Blossom? How about others here?

(2) Having never gotten the chance to experience MJ, no thanks to the SS(stealthcareSystem), I'm trying to figure out this enigma. It seems paradoxical to the laws of nature that a substance capable of dilating vessels, isn't also an irritant, but actually in fact a relaxing healer?
For example, citrus dilates my blood vessels, but its Acid-Arginine combo triggers sores & virals.
Tangentially: Pomegranate & GreenTea & grapes "scour" my vessels, due to their built-in "chalkyness" acting like scouring powder. But again, that irritates my mucosa, triggering sores & dormant virals to replicate.
So: What factor of MJ enables it to be a "soothing protectant" even though it's also a dilator?
Reachable via PM. Seems I have Higbee's HSII on ThisIsMS. Frustrated by MSers, FMers, Lymers & Prematurely-Aged-By-EMFers who prefer cryptic jargonian Systems Vs. Intuitive empirical experience. Don't simple truths count for anything anymore?
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