anyone here near UT, NV, CA, AZ, NM? here's why

If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.

anyone here near UT, NV, CA, AZ, NM? here's why

Postby miri » Tue May 14, 2013 2:26 pm

If any of you don't fall within the CCSVI category (i.e. without the narrowed jugular), or if you suspect your issues are related to toxins,

...does any one of you have easy free access to obtaining the clay of sink holes on the shores of salt lakes in Utah, Nevada, or California, or maybe some small ones in Arizona, NewMexico & other arid spots? Or do you have friends with access to same?

Better yet

...would be mud from the Salton Sea volcanoe mud pot area.
(see their power on UTube here:

Also: do you have access to InfraRed heaters?

If so, perhaps you have easy wherewithall to set this up to detox yourself
albeit using the PULLing mud from the mudpots Vs. bath water

Note: The clay must be Smelly-PULLing clay like Quicksand, to actually work!

(does not need to be bathroom, can also be laundry room or elsewhere. OK here's the setup: ... sauna.html

If you try it & are successful, can you report back here?
btw, here's related links (aside from my long ago very-therapeutic stint at DeadSea mudhole): ... ad_sea.htm


Above all, I know from:

  • the one time stint i'd had at Northern Dead Sea (En Fashcha)
    ...that it's the closest I'd ever come to a genuine detox experience
    ...I had first dipped approx. 15 min. in Salty DeadSea
    ......then dipped another 10-15 min. in nearby PULLing STINKing BLACK-Mudpool
    ........underneath a June Sun, Never since have I felt such therapeutic-ness
    ...........thus I deduce that Dangerous PULLing QuickSand is also healing!
  • an acquaintance who was paralyzed during the 1920s. Then a European doctor advised her to take a Sequential series of 20 salt baths followed by mud baths at Ciochocinek Spa, Poland. I know from her firsthand that it cured her. She was very elderly when she told me "it was SCARY!" from which I deduced there was powerful mud that probably PULLed her in. Otherwise, why did she say "scary"?
  • Finally see (again) this URL re: Chinese ceramics factory women wallowing in ceramics-clay while exposed to Red-Hot Kiln which also jives with above DeadSea experience and acquaintance's European experience:
  • Also, Jason Eaton described himself as having been cured from a thermo-heated Natural Pool somewhere in an American Desert area. Was it Utah, or elsewhere, I forget. What I disagree with Jason about, is that commercialized clay baths help. Not true. I've tried many including Mountain Rose, Terramin, Luana Lei, following the bath protocol to a T. Results were Zilch-Nada, plus tedious cleanup. Clay baths are a joke, compared to grounded genuine mud therapy (i.e. ONLY if it's the Stinky Pull-pulling type) UNDER THE SUN which is why I referred to the various infrared URLs above. Nevertheless, a Grounded backyard mudpool filled with SaltonSea Mud UNDER WARM SUN may be closer to the Real Thing (much more than merely Infrared Heat shining on indoor tub filled with Salton Mud

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