CCSVI Evolved and the Missing Infectious Link

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CCSVI Evolved and the Missing Infectious Link

Postby vesta » Fri May 17, 2013 9:18 am

Contrary to recent “reports”, CCSVI isn’t “dead”. It is being
refined and rethought and is very much alive.

Dr. Zamboni’s groundbreaking insight poses two distinct problems.
First, the reflux of veinous blood into the central nervous system must be
halted (at best) or minimized. Second, the injured tissue must be healed.

Recent observations about cranial fluid dynamics, the possibility that cerebrospinal
fluid build-up can "pressure" venous blood circulation leading to a blood
reflux, implies that attention should be paid to all
aspects of brain physiology. In fact, before
considering angioplasty, I believe one should consult specialists in
skeletal adjustment (chiropractors, osteopaths, Dentists) whose manipulations
might release blocked blood/fluid circulation from the head and spinal cord. As
an example, on Dania reports impressive improvements following
Chiropractic treatment of spinal decompression on the Cox 7 table (full spine
flexion-distraction method ?)

Angioplasty thus becomes one of several means to stop
the blood reflux.

That problem solved one can turn to repairing the damaged nervous
system. “Scientists Find ‘Cure’ for MS By Turning Common Skin Cells into
Working Brain Cells” is the title of an article in Nature Biotechnology by Christine Hsu describing research at
Case Western Research School of Medicine. Reconstitution of the myelin sheath
damaged by MS attacks has long been the goal of scientists. Current stem cell
therapy hopes to do the same by extracting bone marrow from an MS patient,
growing his cells in a culture and then injecting these cells into the patient.
(I don’t know how successful this procedure has been and I’m not inclined to try it.)

However, once again, repairing the Myelin sheath is only half the battle. One must stop
(or minimize) the blood reflux into the CNS. Otherwise the repair will be under
constant assault and perhaps progressively less effective.

Preventing the blood reflux is therefore the key to any “Cure”
for MS. That’s CCSVI treatment in a nutshell.

Ah, but another angle is being studied in France, England and Switzerland which can’t be overlooked. The role of
the MS Retrovirus associated with the Epstein Barr
Virus – EBV (Mononucleosis – which I had at 9 years of age being an example.) My rough understanding
of these studies is that remnants of the Epstein Barr Virus (among others)
imbedded themselves in human genes over millions of years of evolution. If an individual with this genetic inheritance
falls ill with an Epstein Barr virus illness, the immune system reaction to the
virus ends up attacking the inherited DNA –hence the “self”. Unlike current MS drugs designed to
modulate or suppress the immune system, the
proposed medication is designed to shut down the MS
associated Retrovirus and therefore the auto-immune demyelinating cascade which
occurs when the latent Epstein-Barr virus periodically re-activates. As I've said, the recent flu left
me weakened. Has the latent mononucleosis virus revived and is my immune system reacting against an inherited Human Endogenous Retrovirus (HERV) imbedded in my genes? An idea of interest to be followed.
(See, Drug Pipeline thread, MSRV Retrovirus phase 2, Fred 1208, Dec 20, 2012
and updates through May 14, 2013)
(See Wheelchair Kamikaze blog May 5, 2013 "Anti HIV drugs to stop MS?")

I bring this up because recently I foolishly allowed the flu to take hold by antidoting
with an antibiotic a Homeopathic Remedy (Oscillicoccinum) which was working. It was a
particularly virulent flu which led to lung complications, felling many a
strong individual including my husband. I took the remedy Pulsatilla 15 CH
which worked (fortunately) but ever since I’ve been dragging along, unable to
fully recover. This has happened before where I feel like something is “eating”
at me. Do I have an “imbedded” virus which manifests when another virus lays me
low? My tongue is “charged”, which is a sign of yeast overgrowth (Candida). (That alone can sicken)
I have resumed taking Pulsatilla (now 30CH) and it seems to be working. Probably I
should visit a “unicist” (classical) Homeopath to send this latent virus back
into hiding. But let’s say this is the Epstein Barr type virus. Is my nervous
system being “attacked” without the blood reflux mechanism at work? This
implies 2 major issues to address. I know that Homeopathy is controversial, and
if one is taking poisonous medications it won’t work. Let’s say the GNbAC1-in
medication deals effectively with the MS Retrovirus problem (present in 75% of
MS patients?). The Blood Reflux problem likely will remain, especially for
those with Skeletal MS. I wonder how this theory would apply to those MS
patients with Chlamydia P. who find antibiotic therapy effective?

For now I have to use the tools at hand to take care of
myself. And in fact strengthening one's immune system becomes
all the more essential in preventing a latent virus from re-activating which in
turn will set off the Human Endogenous Retrovirus.

So I must deal with the blood reflux on a daily basis. And not get sick.

MS Cure
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Re: CCSVI Evolved and the Missing Infectious Link

Postby sofia » Sat Oct 04, 2014 6:41 am

I am happy to hear ccsvi is still being researched. I had the treatment done years ago, and it made med better for years. The biggest test of the procedure was all of us travelling abroad having it done, starting to feel better.
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Re: CCSVI Evolved and the Missing Infectious Link

Postby TeresaL » Mon Feb 16, 2015 7:51 pm

I had the CCSVI procedure in Albany bt Dr Siska..had improvement for about 5 mos then stents got clotted then saw another doc in San diego but no luck. Looking back I think it made me worse than when I started the CCSVI journey. Mistake for me I think
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