Lynne McTaggart - in MS there's too much cooperative order

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Lynne McTaggart - in MS there's too much cooperative order

Postby miri » Mon May 27, 2013 9:57 pm

According to Popp, as quoted by author Lynne McTaggart, MS patients take in too much light (too much cooperative order) thus inhibiting ability of cells to do their job.

Whether that's true or not, I maintain that many patient groups suffer from DCS (disturbed communication syndrome) because they allow themselves to be dictated to by those with DPS (disturbed physician syndrome). The term DPS was coined by FMS Newsletter long long ago.

That's the reason why there's not a higher success rate with MSC cell clinics. Because Western patients insist on the ad nauseum protocols they're programmed to expect, Eastern clinics are terrified of applying any unconventional innovations, at risk of scaring off patients. After all, that's where the money is! (for now)

For example, would you ever expect to see the fastidiously ordered Chinese clinics setting up a detox area which would include:

  • Messy, stinking PULL-PULLing quicksand-type-mud (under warm sun or perhaps F.I.R.) which effectively pulls toxins (after prepping in salt-baths)?
  • forgive the satire - feeding young kids peanut products to prevent peanut allergy developing later on?

So, to all patient groups living in pain - by all means, carry on with your DCS, aided and abetted by your DPS. Continue to keep yourselves compartMENTALized inside the neatly LIEbled packaging wherein the DP's of the UnhealthcareSystem dump everyone. By all means never see the forest for the trees. Never consider - hey, perhaps myself and a subgroup of FMers and a subgroup of geriatrics have internal pipes OR tissues clogged with stuck gook or riddled with toxins such as metals & microcalcifications.
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