sci experiments for skeptics

If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.

sci experiments for skeptics

Postby miri » Tue May 28, 2013 9:23 pm

skeptics who adulate sci
...versus pie-in-the sci's some experiments you can try:

(1) Using a portable radio on AM frequency, and tuned to White Noise between stations, carry the radio toward LCD monitor and hear the dirty noise emitted by LCD. Then carry it to late-model portable phone (ditto)... mini-tower (ditto)... twirly-CFL lightbulbs (ditto), digital clock built into stove (ditto). Discern all the different dirty-noises they all emit. Hey, those might be the noises which some autistics hear.

(2) Longer-term experiment:
If you have some identical cheapo 1980s plastic alarm clocks (the kind which holds one AA battery inside a cheapo plastic compartment), insert identical fresh AA alkaline batteries into each clock. Then place one clock within three feet of your LCD and HardDrive. Place the other in a EMF-free room (i.e. which registers zero noise on your AM radio receiver when tuned to white noise).
...every week, check the clocks to see if they display the correct time. Eventually, the clock that's within three feet of Dirty-Noise should start speeding up, and the battery die prematurely, as compared to the clock placed in an EMF-free room.
...then repeat the experiment, albeit switch the clocks' locations (such that each clock has a stint in the EMF-free area & EMF-full area.)
...then repeat the experiment as many times as you like.
Quicker would be to have up to 20 identical cheapo clocks plus 20 identical fresh AA batteries.

Relevant to this are SLIder phenomena, those for whom watch batteries keep dying: ... al&tid=322

Some people are SO energetic, that their bodies themselves are like powerful EMFs.
Whereas others of us are SO wilted, SO LESIONED, due to EMFs prematurely aging us by speeding our metabolism & heart rates, overheating us, causing hangover symptoms, and stirring up dormant virals to irritate us with flu symptoms & herpes.

Low-power netbooks, and/or Pixel Qi monitors on Epaper-Mode
(can't vouch if either emit epoxies though).
Also Fit-PC2
Reachable via PM. Seems I have Higbee's HSII on ThisIsMS. Frustrated by MSers, FMers, Lymers & Prematurely-Aged-By-EMFers who prefer cryptic jargonian Systems Vs. Intuitive empirical experience. Don't simple truths count for anything anymore?
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