Non stop aching legs

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Non stop aching legs

Postby Carriegirrl » Wed May 29, 2013 6:25 am

Hi! I've been diagnosed with MS for going on 4 yrs, but have had it for longer than that. I've had the fortune of being relatively stable, but recently my legs ache constantly. Like a horrible deep aching in my bones. It does not matter what position I'm in, or if I change positions. I've told my neuro about this and she upped my Gabapentin seems like I am taking a Tic-Tac, as it doesn't give me any relief! This constant pain is really getting to me. Does this seem familiar to anyone?
Thanks everyone!
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Re: Non stop aching legs

Postby jimmylegs » Wed May 29, 2013 6:54 am

hi carrie, have you been doing any dietary interventions? there are strong correlations between nutrients that are low in ms and ones that are important to bone health. if you are feeling bone pain it could be vit d3 or mineral deficit. thoughts?

excerpts from:
Nutrition in Bone Health Revisited: A Story Beyond Calcium
(i'm leaving out some of the no-brainers eg calcium and vit d3, but you can read about these and more if you follow the link above)
Although P is an essential nutrient, there is concern that excessive amounts may be detrimental to bone. For example, a rise in dietary P increases serum P concentration, producing a transient fall in serum ionized Ca resulting in elevated parathyroid hormone (PTH) secretion and potentially bone resorption. The primary function of PTH is to prevent hypocalcemia by increasing bone resorption of calcium. The hypothesis that excess dietary P is harmful to bone was tested in young adults consuming controlled diets containing 1660 mg P and 420 mg Ca. Within 24 hours, the diet resulted in elevated indexes of PTH action [89] that persisted for four weeks [90]. Animal data confirm that the combination of high P and low Ca diets is deleterious to bone mass [91]. ... Dietary P intakes have risen 10% to 15% over the past 20 years because of the increased use of phosphate salts in food additives and cola beverages [8].

Magnesium deficiency alters calcium metabolism, resulting in hypocalcemia, vitamin D abnormalities and neuromuscular hyperexcitability. The primary reason for the hypocalcemia commonly observed in Mg deficiency is impaired PTH secretion [101]. ... In osteoporotic postmenopausal women, Mg supplementation for one year improved radial bone mass [112].

We recently examined the relationship between bone mass and ferritin in a four-year clinical trial of Ca supplementation in adolescent girls [133]. There was a trend for a positive association between BMD of forearm and serum ferritin at baseline.

The human body contains one to two grams of zinc (Zn) and about 90% is found in muscle, bone, skin and hair, while blood contains less than 1%. Zn plays an important role in connective tissue metabolism, acting as a cofactor for several enzymes, such as alkaline phosphatase (necessary for bone mineralization), and collagenase (essential for the development of the collagenous structure of bone) [148].
Zn deficiency results in impaired DNA synthesis and protein metabolism, which lead to negative effects on bone formation [148]. The role of Zn in bone formation is well documented in animal models [149], and low serum levels of Zn and excessive urinary excretion are related to osteoporosis in humans [150,151]. Zn concentration in bone is greatly reduced during Zn deficiency [152]. A beneficial effect of Zn supplementation was observed in vertebral and femoral bone mass in rats during strenuous treadmill exercise [153].
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Re: Non stop aching legs

Postby jimmylegs » Wed May 29, 2013 7:39 am

Prevalence of Severe Hypovitaminosis D in Patients With Persistent, Nonspecific Musculoskeletal Pain ... 0/abstract
Of all patients, 93% (140/ 150) had deficient levels of vitamin D (mean, 12.08 ng/mL; 95% confidence interval, 11.18-12.99 ng/mL). ... 28% (42/150) had severely deficient vitamin D levels (=8 ng/mL), including 55% of whom were younger than 30 years. Five patients, 4 of whom were aged 35 years or younger, had vitamin D serum levels below the level of detection. ... Season was not a significant factor in determining vitamin D serum levels (P=.06).
All patients with persistent, nonspecific musculoskeletal pain are at high risk for the consequences of unrecognized and untreated severe hypovitaminosis D. This risk extends to those considered at low risk for vitamin D deficiency: nonelderly, nonhousebound, or nonimmigrant persons of either sex. Nonimmigrant women of childbearing age with such pain appear to be at greatest risk for misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis. Because osteomalacia is a known cause of persistent, nonspecific musculoskeletal pain, screening all outpatients with such pain for hypovitaminosis D should be standard practice in clinical care.
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Re: Non stop aching legs

Postby trisca » Fri May 31, 2013 1:46 am

Hi Carrie, I had exactly the deep aching legs you're talking about. Physio massage helped a lot.
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Re: Non stop aching legs

Postby Quest56 » Fri May 31, 2013 10:19 am

Carrie, I experience this also as a symptom of physical fatigue. In my case, it worsens the more I stand or walk during the day. I take a small handful of aspirin in the late afternoon to reduce the discomfort on bad days (I know this isn't good for my stomach). I have been using Ampyra (the "MS walking drug") now for about 6 months, which has helped to reduce the frequency of days when I need to take aspirin to only a couple of times each month.

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Re: Non stop aching legs

Postby miri » Sun Jun 02, 2013 10:38 pm

I've had leg pain for years, especially when standing in one place for long, or walking for long distances during shopping locally.

Most fibromyalgics complain more of other anatomical areas.
I'm also unique to everyone, in that I have it bad in inner thigh joints. Nobody ever hears of this.

Thus I suspect that toxins, calcifications & metals may be stuck (like shrapnel) inside my tissues.
Not necessarily my vessels.
Sorta like Lyme.

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