Demyelination induced by Cuprizone and the role of Viagra

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Demyelination induced by Cuprizone and the role of Viagra

Postby marcopolo » Fri Aug 02, 2013 3:09 pm

There's a contradiction in the report regarding the role of nitric oxide indicated as a pathogen in the demyelination process but interestingly enough how sildenafil (25 mg/kg) improved the gait of experimental mice forced into a demylinating state. Previously I had stopped taking L'Arginine which produces nitric oxide because of its implication as a pathogen yet in this mouse model the sildenafil doesn't work as well without it.
Also I'll have to ask my buddy Google whether Cuprizone can be ingested through normal diet and if so better identify the foods responsible....

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Re: Demyelination induced by Cuprizone and the role of Viagr

Postby cheerleader » Fri Aug 02, 2013 8:08 pm

Hi Marco--
I looked at nitric oxide and healing endothelial dysfunction to help my husband, who has MS.
Here's the program and research---there are many ways to increase endothelial nitric oxide (eNOS) bioavailability and heal the endothelium.
It's not just one supplement's a whole lifestyle. ... ial-health
Many of the modes of increasing eNOS bioavailabilty will look familiar to those with MS: increasing UV rays, maintaining vitamin B and vitamin D levels, eating whole foods--fruits and vegetables, and getting plenty of antioxidants-- decreasing stress, not smoking,

That said, if iNOS breaks through the blood brain barrier, it can be destructive to CNS tissue. We want healthy blood vessels, which are not permeable. We want the blood brain barrier to remain intact, with endothelial tight junctions. And nitric oxide is needed to maintain this process. Depleting or inhibiting NO is not a good idea. Limiting oxidative stress is the best way.
If the endothelium becomes damaged and the NO levels become imbalanced, cells which should remain in the blood can leak through blood vessels and into adjacent body tissue. Some of the leaked cells can include proteins, such as the C-Reactive protein, which is produced by the liver and causes inflammation8. By inhibiting NO, endothelial signaling can become impaired, and disease may result. Because the endothelium actively maintains approximately 60,000 miles of blood vessels in our body, endothelial dysfunction has been linked to a wide variety of diseases

So---NO is not inherently bad, just as iron or plasmic particles are not inherently bad. It's just that once the blood brain barrier is open, damage can occur to tissue if it is exposed to these factors. Hope that explains it a bit.
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