Negative reaction to valtrex due to IDO inhibition?

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Re: Negative reaction to valtrex due to IDO inhibition?

Postby Anonymoose » Thu Sep 12, 2013 2:59 pm

Boy am I rusty on Uric acid. Peroxynitrite not superoxide. Duh.

So, you don't think ebv could be causing the whole metabolic dysfunction (I don't think this is a big issue for me)? If it is somehow causing chronic inflammation, that could account for the endothelial damage. And based on the fact that gut bacteria, nutrients, stress, and immunosuppression (the perfect storm causes ms?) can influence ebv levels, it seems like that *might* account for variability of disease within and between pwms. There must be a genetic component too...

I've never touched a steroid and hopefully I never will.
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Re: Negative reaction to valtrex due to IDO inhibition?

Postby Scott1 » Thu Sep 12, 2013 10:30 pm

In really simple building block terms, I see three steps
1) a predisposition, most probably manifesting as endothelial dysfunction with an abundance of iNOS being created
2) a trigger, most likely EBV infected B cells, which produces an overabundance of superoxide. It could be another source of overproduction of Superoxide.
3) the product of the two is peroxynitrite which causes massive oxidative stress

The issue is the predisposition and the trigger can have other effects that are observed in MS but are coincidental to accepted MS symptoms (eg lipids)
By using L-Arginine I help the endothelium and lower iNOS
By using an anti EBV protocol I lower the production of excess Superoxide.
I assume that the renal system had a role in the beginning due to a shortage of vitamin A causing problems with the integrity of the gut and created knock on effects due to a shortage of retinoids, hence the carrot juice.
I assume my sodium potassium pump is permanently impaired by peroxynitrite hence I need to add a phosphate molecule to ADP to make ATP to drive the pump. Hence, Q10.
Part of the issue is the overlap of cause and effect. Too many of the studies say x causes y so just fix x. The question is what was wrong with x in the first place. This is where it gets fuzzy because the cause of the predisposition is hard to positively define. "Multiple" is the perfect word.

Anyway, what I do is working for me. Remember this has taken years to sort out for me and it has been like peeling an onion. It cannot be sorted out by a magic bullet. Try to separate the symptoms.

The most useful roadmap for me was the fasting amino acid studies. The nonessential amino acids are key. If you are not making enough of the things you are suppossed to make then clearly something in wrong. I was staggeringly short in about half of them and arginine was the key element.

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