Theories, Causes for "mechanical damage to veins in Lesions?

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Theories, Causes for "mechanical damage to veins in Lesions?

Postby gaiatechnician » Mon Sep 23, 2013 10:44 am

I made up 2 theories to explain what breaks the blood vein barrier following a conversation with Dr Arata. He told me that my wife had a very even heart beat that did not speed up when she exercised. First one is that a floppy vein valve as it slams shut sends pressure waves back up into the brain, like a radio boom box sends out sound. Because of the even heart beat, the wave hits the same place every time. Also waves come from different jugulars into the brain and there is an "interference pattern" which in Jades case is going to be the same every time. Where waves come together and amplify there will be tiny high pressure areas and where troughs come together, there will be low presure areas. There will be extremely rapid localized blood flow in some places there high and low are close together. In a normal person with a variable heart rate, the pressure pattern or "picture" that this makes will be ever changing but in Jade and MS sufferers, it remains the same every day and that is like an old computer with no screensaver burning out pixels. Except instead of burning out pixels, the pressure waves are blowing out tiny veins! The second theory is similar but is based on fluidics. Fluid logic computers exist. They are tubes joined together and they have logic gates almost like in electronic computers. You can make fluidic diodes and transistors. They were used on the apollo moon rockets and are used today in medical diagnostic kits. So imagine the human brain as an "accidental" fluid logic computer. Due to the even heart rate or autonomic disfunction of MS sufferers the accidental fluidic computer is solving the same problem every time and this means there will be these localized sustained build ups of flow and pressure that damages veins. Since making the 2 theories, I have found supporting evidence from F.A. Schelling in his online book. Ms sufferers have very large jugulars. (means the valve is large too so a better transmitter, and it is transmitting into a wider tube so the pressure waves will go further with less attunation. Also Schelling describes s the "mechanical damage" in veins inside lesions as being extremely discrete and localized. And no current theory explains that. Also in a thread here we find "(I wonder if his tinnitus was pulsatile...pulsing with the vibration.

Isn't pulsatile tinnitus because of rapid blood flow through the jugular bulb? Jugular bulb is close to the ear but jugular valve leaflets are on the far side of the neck from the ear.)" So yet another source of vibration. Please give these theories serous thought. Wave patterns are found in every fluid in nature. There are bound to be accidental "transmitters" and accidental receivers of this type of wave energy in the human brain. We may not have the tools to find it for real at the moment but we should be able to model it with a pipework of connected different sized rubber tubing in a container and probes to measure instantaneous pressure.
Thanks Brian. By the way Jade had a magical result with Dr Arata. It is the nearest thing to a miracle I have ever seen. But we still need to find out why and how these thing work. Brian
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