IA + EH = A

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IA + EH = A

Postby Jerzy » Fri Nov 15, 2013 2:42 am

IA + EH = A
immune antibody (IA) + environmental hapten (EH) = autoantibody (A)

On Autoimmunity Network, where leading physicians, immunologists, rheumatologists & researchers exchange information, I published a video, where I said: "I know the cause of autoimmune diseases": http://www.autoimmunity-network.com/vid ... appr_video
From now on, predicting, preventing and curing autoimmune diseases is possible.

Please spread this info.

Added 29 November 2013:

For several days everybody can watch this video without logging into AUTOIMMUNITY NETWORK, by clicking the link : http://www2.kenes.com/Autoimmunity/cong ... ideos.aspx This is the third video from the top; on a blue background is the title: "Do I Know the ..." The video can be started by clicking on the triangle in the lower left corner of the movie.

However, if someone wants to write a critique of this video, you should log in to the AUTOIMMUNITY NETWORK.

Criticism of this video is very much needed, because I turn upside down the current views about unknown cause of autoimmune diseases.
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