I Need Your Help.

If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.

I Need Your Help.

Postby thedaveman000 » Mon Nov 18, 2013 9:37 am

Hi everyone :) I'm 40 years old and also new to this site. I have not been diagnosed however, i would very much like to share my symptoms with you and get your opinion. Last week, I saw a MDS because i've been having the following :
Vision spots/lines- This was my first symptom that started occurring around 2 years ago as a first symptom. It occurs rarely.
Daily fatigue
Coughing for two years
Sometimes choking on my own saliva and/or food.
Always needing to clear my throat
Sense of smell- can't smell the fresh brewed coffee at work sometimes and dinner cooking sometimes
Muscle pain- all over
Muscle stiffness- (arms, right legs, neck)
Head tremors- Wife notices
Limb tremors- hand, feet
Uncontrollable sweating- pillow is drenched almost nightly, clothes also. Occurs during the evening sitting at home as well.
Speech problems- stuttering, can't say some words (off and on)Vision spots/lines- started occurring around 2 years ago as a first symptom. It occurs rarely.
Twitching in my sleep
Vivid dreams- have had some dreams where I was flying through obsticals (wife said i was twitching quite a lot in my sleep). I dreamt I was being attacked by a snake and hit the snake away from me (woke up to find myself hitting wife's arm away from me during the dream). Most recent dream i awoke kicking my wife.
losing balance- sometimes on flat ground like in the office. 3 to 4 times on the stairs recently.
**have been exposed to cadmium and arsenic**
** Great Aunt and Great Uncle have severe PD symptoms**
**Aunt has been diagnosed with MS**
**been diagnosed with Sleep Apnea**
I'm not sure what I have (YOPD, MS, etc) however i'm debating going to a MS doctor for an opinion. The MDS I recently saw didn't give me any potential diagnosis but did start having me take Prozac and said to start using a CPAP. My gut feeling is, it's something other than sleep apnea (i've had that for years and these new symptoms have started two years ago). If someone here can share their story with me and give me some advice/opinions, it would be very much appreciated.
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