Epstein-Barr Virus Might Kick-Start MS

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ebv, vit d, and me

Postby jimmylegs » Thu May 04, 2006 8:11 am

hi don't know if it was ebv in my case - suppose i could have had it but gone undiagnosed? i rather thought it was my more recent hep A vaccine that might have been a sort of trigger for my first attack. who knows?

ANYway, vit d. sorry to add to the digression, but there it is. yea, D's super important i have read tons of articles and it seems to be the freaking fountain of youth with respect to all kinds of disease related to immune self-tolerance. my ms clinic doc specifically commented on the d being good when i asked him to review my supplement regimen, and while the clinic said no more than 1000IU per day, my naturopath said to take 4000IU per day.

after all i read, i am trying to get my serum levels into the 75-100 nmol/l range. i have been taking 4000IU of d per day for three months now, plus eating fish twice per week, and i'm still only at 72... yea, those folks at the lab are getting to know me pretty well :? lol

i'm hoping that i got on it early enough that i can actually turn this around no matter if it was mono, hep A, or a cold that started me down this road! and with luck the D will fix up some of my other older problems too. including a gene package that just loves various types of cancer. (yea i was like what? ms? i'm supposed to get cancer! and it's supposed to be 30 years from now!!)
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Postby jgkarob » Thu May 04, 2006 8:30 am

Hi Ian,
Holland and Barratt sell vitamin D tablets. I bought mine there.
all best
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