The timely exacerbation

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The timely exacerbation

Postby whiteflag » Sat Jan 04, 2014 8:12 am

I have a story that I cannot really explain, hopefully someone can shed some light on this.

I am r.r.m.s, dx'd in 2004, male, 41. I had an exacerbation a couple of years ago that lasted 2 weeks and it was bad. From walking normally, within one week I was debilitated to the point that I could not move without a wheelchair and I stopped going to work for the two weeks that I was immobile, had a 5-day steroid treatment and physio and was back to normal another 2 weeks later.

JUST as I got walking normally, my sister (very close to me) suffered a massive stroke and was in the icu for over 2 months, out of which the first 6 weeks she didn't open her eyes. With not knowing if she will make it, unsure of how to handle things, hefty hospital bills and my work on hold, it was the most stressful period I have faced, and several times during the two months I was told that I should say my goodbyes.

Funnily enough, not a single ms symptom came up (nothing new but I still had the hidden ones that were there already) and I was able to walk normally and I often wonder if the Heavens above gave me an 'early' exacerbation so that I could deal with the upcoming stressful period. Because with her in hospital, and if I was in a wheelchair, I would have had to rely on so many people.

Any thoughts? Any 'similar' circumstances?
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Re: The timely exacerbation

Postby cheerleader » Sun Jan 05, 2014 10:23 pm

Hi whiteflag--

I hope your sister is recovering. What a terribly stressful time for you.
I can't really shed any light on the timing of your relapse. If you have a faith, it may well be that God was looking out for your family, and not giving you more than you could handle at one time. I know the faith I share with my husband has helped us to see many blessings in the midst of difficult trials.

The one thing I would encourage you to look into would be the vascular connection to your MS. Since your sister had a stroke, there may be familial situations, like cerebral bloodflow, clotting factors, hypercoagulated blood--that could be compounding your MS. Make sure to exercise, don't smoke, eat a heart healthy diet, reduce stress. You and your sister can help each other in this pursuit. Here's the program I created for my husband, who did have a vascular componant to his MS. ... ial-health
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