Hormone Cycle/MS Self Study

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Hormone Cycle/MS Self Study

Postby vesta » Tue Mar 25, 2014 7:59 am

• My first known MS "attack" occured April-May 1980. I was informed of the diagnosis early December 1981. The MRI didn't exist at the time. I was under a Chiropractor's care after a bad fall February 1981, but this was before NUCCA (Upper Cervical) treatments for the Atlas Orthogonal Blood/CSF circulation obstructions had been developed so these Chiropractic treatments didn't prevent the attacks of late 1981 (presuming that they could have - not certain). As of January 1982 I was under the care of a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture and Herbs) which helped keep me going, and on occasion the Acupuncture could stop "attacks" within an hour (doubtless by opening the brain blood circulation), but my health continued to decline.

By 1983 I decided I had to become more pro-active. My gynecologist suggested I take my Basal Body Temperature to determine when I was ovulating since I believed that the rise in temperature at ovulation triggered the MS symptoms. Every morning upon waking I took my temperature, evenings I noted all my health symptoms for the day in an ongoing diary and noted all of this info on a chart. Thus I could roughly observe how my symptoms corresponded to my monthly hormone cycle. Today I can see that the analysis is telling.

I decided that my HMO should do the job for which they are paid and find a solution to these problems. At that time the "standard of care in the community" didn't include nutrition, nutritional supplements or blood tests to determine Vitamin/Mineral status. At my well known HMO there was only ONE generalist interested in nutritional supplements and he was treated like a leper by the other doctors. I did visit him, his advice was O.K. in a general sense, but I needed more than that (especially a massive detoxification).

When I married I met an apparently civilized Doctor who I hoped to designate as my treating physician and for my first interview with him I prepared a 4 page analysis of my health problems/symptoms with diary and chart, thinking this would expedite communication in a brief (10-15 minutes?) interview. I was shocked at his reaction. He was furious. He threw the papers back at me and told me to tell him "in my own words" what my problems were. ("What a jerk" I thought "those are my words.") He then performed a rather perfunctory examination - blood pressure, stethoscope chest exam etc - and then announced that other than those problems - waving vaguely at my papers - "you are in perfect health".

So much for the "standard of the community" health care.

My healing began as of February 1984 under the care of a Kinesiologist/Nutritionist (in other words, a "quack.") It consisted of the 4 basic healing steps: 1) Detoxification 2) Optimal Nutrition/Supplements 3) Exercise 4) Blood/cerebrospinal fluid circulation therapies such as Kinesiology or Acupuncture. The 4th step I had already begun, but the first two were absolutely vital.

TOXICITY was a huge factor in my health difficulties at the time. I opened a French Perfume boutique September 1980 and knew I was gradually being poisoned by the perfume "fumes". I sold the shop summer 1983. Healing in 1984 required a profound detoxification of all the medications, foods, and chemicals which had poisoned me over a lifetime, but the "coup de grace" doubtless was the perfume.

WITHIN A YEAR EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE PROBLEMS LISTED HAD DISAPPEARED EXCEPT THOSE REQUIRING SURGERY, the exceptions being the post intercourse bladder infections and an "ovarian" (in reality hydrosalpinx) infection.

Below you will find excerpts of the analysis I gave to the HMO Doctor. I believed my primary problem was hormonal imbalance and hoped for some kind of analysis of my hormones. The drug Danazol prescribed for endometriosis had helped control that problem, reducing at the same time MS symptoms. I also thought the temperature rise at the time of ovulation exacerbated the MS. I now believe body tension (i.e. CRAMPS) was THE problem which triggered off a blood/CSF circulation blockage and eventually MS symptoms. (Note that one of my perceived problems was "poor blood circulation".)

"Anna Macy. Age 34. April 29,1983

Page 1 of 4 (Chart and Diary not included)

Reasons for seeking Medical Care

I have been for some time been suffering from serious health problems which include the following: Multiple Sclerosis, Endometriosis, cyclic insomnia (probably due to hormonal imbalance/pre-menstrual stress syndrome), chronic debilitating fatigue, bladder infections, ovarian infection?, lowered resistence to infection leading to frequent viral infections (colds, sore throats etc), poor blood circulation, and most recently pain and distorted vision in the Right eye.

It is my belief that the root cause of this general pattern of poor health stems from hormonal/menstrual dysfunction and endometriosis. After a brief "History" I will describe a typical monthly menstrual cycle. A Basal Body Temperature Record chart beginning March 11, 1983 then follows, accompanied by a state of health "diary"...

1982 - Terrible year. Endometriosis attacks so painful, generally debilitating, invaliding, that I could barely recover from one before the next one began These "attacks' impacted adversely on the MS, not only by weakening the nerves in particular, but by undermining my general health such that I was continually subject to viral infections (sore throats, colds, bladder infections). Even as MS symptoms improved, endometriosis "attacks" would set me back again...


(Reference to Cycle no. 1, March 11 - April 8, 1983)

Around days 4-5-6 of the cycle, I enjoy 2 to 4 "good" days: minimal endometriosis pain, minimal MS symptoms, sleep reasonably well, clear headed, a general feeling of well being. (During a bad streak these days are not enjoyed because after 2 weeks of insomnia I fall ill with a virus, the ill health caused by one "attack" thus runs into the next month's breakdown.)

After these good days the endometriosis pain begins to rise again, some MS irritation is noted (minimal), as well as a general fatigue, lethargy, dizziness and nausea. I become very sluggish, sleep long hours, wake with arms and legs numb from poor circulation. As the endometriosis pain rises it affects the lower back area (always), the lower abdomen and bladder (relatively recent), and sometimes the ovaries begin to "swell" as the pain increases. As the endometriosis pain increases in intensity the following occurs:
great exhaustion and lethargy, pimples, discharge, water retention, bloated belly, constipation (alternating with diarrhea), compulsive eating, foul gas, poor circulation arms and legs
The pain and lethargy become overwhelming and seem to build to a climax. On 3/25 I noticed a particularly foul smell in the urine and a great irritation to the urethra and bladder. Months past I have taken Gantrisin (sulfa drug) this one day to prevent infection. (Two months previous, the evening on which these symptoms occurred I had a waking temperature of 99.2) It is my opinion that Ovulation occurred the night of 3/24 - 3/25. The evening of 3/25 the lethargy of days previous vanished to be replaced by nervousness, "speed", and insomnia, indicating a marked change in metabolism.

This change in metabolism - lethargy followed by nervousness - marks the onset of a period of "speed" and insomnia which ends with the next change in metabolism roughly 2 weeks later.

During the next few days as the generalized endometriosis pain subsides, the ovaries become extremely painful, feeling enflamed and swollen. (During Cycle #1 the Basal Temperature ranged from 98.05 to 99.1 while the daytime temperature ranged from 99 to 99.3.)

The most serious MS flareups begin as the pain of the endometriosis "attack" peaks and the temperature rises, and they continue during the following 2 weeks...The intensity of the MS flareup generally corresponds to the intensity of the endometriosis "attack" (my note today i.e. painful CRAMPING). To make matters worse, the feeling of "speed" causes an insomnia which results in a lack of sleep and a generally rundown feeling. I take sleeping pills most of the time and even then can't sleep enough to feel rested upon waking.

Definition of "speed": A "stimulant" seems to be coursing through my veins, an adrenalin like rush. I can't relax or sleep naturally. The heartbeat seems irregular, there is a strain and tightness in the chest. After a few days I feel like tearing my heart from my chest to get some relief. After 2 weeks of nervous exhaustion without respite, I often fall ill e.g. cold, sore throat, bladder infection. Especially if accompanied by fever, this ill health further exacerbates the MS.

Towards the end of the 2 weeks of "speed", the endometriosis pain returns after a brief respite, though much less intense than the "attack" of Ovulation.

Finally, I experience another change of metabolism. As though coming off a "high", I experience a sudden depression. Insomnia gives way lethargy. I believe this change signifies a menstrual period. (My uterus had been removed 11 years previous as a treatment for endometriosis.)

During the next few days there is some endometriosis pain, some MS irritations, and, alternating with nights of very sound sleep, nights of fitful sleep, often as a result of MS induced nerve irritation. However, I don't need a sleeping pill for sleep.

If lucky I then enjoy a few good days before the next "attak" begins. MS damaged nerves appear to improve gradually up until the next endometriosis "attack" at which time they deteriorate anew." End of quoted 1983 report

Back to the present 2014.

• Hormonal Imbalance/Pre-Menstrual Stress Syndrome/Insomnia
• Possible Ovarian infection at time of Ovulation
• Endometriosis
• Multiple Sclerosis
• Bladder Infections
• General Poor Health/Fatigue/Dizziness
• Constipation
• Right Eye Pain (Appt. May 18, Opthalmology)
• Poor blood circulation


In 1984, after 5 days of avoiding substances and foods the Kinesiologist had tested as negative for me, the right eye problem completely disappeared. After 6 months my intestines functioned normally, within the year the MS nerve damage had healed and the endometriosis had disappeared. Most of the above health problems more or less disappeared. The pathology was essentially one of TOXICITY. Let's say each problem had been treated separately by the HMO Doctors. Prednisone for the MS, Danazol for the Endometriosis, laxative for the constipation, sleeping pill for the insomnia, antibiotic for the cystitus, something to speed me up, something else to slow me down. I would have ended up even more of a basket case than I already was.

Let this be a cautionary tale.

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Re: Hormone Cycle/MS Self Study

Postby Kronk » Tue Mar 25, 2014 11:35 am

Excellent job of keeping a health diary and being so proactive in your own care. Really that’s impressive. You touch on several interesting points…

Acupuncture – my first symptom was xmas 2010 when I lost feeling in my legs, primarily my right. I went to the ER and the doctor was great but couldn’t offer much to explain it. He referred me to a neuro who played it off as something that can happen when fighting a flu, your immune can attack a nerve but is very rare. After a couple weeks of numbness I went to an acupuncturist as my wife sweared by her. When on the table my muscles were twitching like crazy with every needle. Then she left me to lay there like a pin cushion and I felt an intense wave of pins and needles over the left side of my body and particularly my legs. The next day I could walk fine and felt everything. I went back 4 months later when I lost my right arm… this relapse brought an MRI and my MS dx after 9 lesions showed up… but it did not have the same effect. Also my muscles did not twitch like they had the first time. The legs still burn below my knees but no “disability” per se.

It may not have been just the cramping and blood flow issues that increased your MS susceptibility as hormones particularly the ratio of estrogen to testosterone have been proven to affect MS. Sex hormones affect both immunomodulatory and neuroprotective pathways. Estrogen has been proven to actually increases the velocity of blood flow.


Regarding alternative heath doctors I think they definitely play a part, especially in educating people on how to live a “clean” life and avoid many of the triggers out there. I believe MS is caused by a variety of issues in people which is why it’s so individual. For you diet, exercise and toxins might be the key, for someone else it may be hormone therapy and the next controlling an overactive immune system. I have been on a Swank diet, 4 day a week power lifting regimen, Copaxone, LDN, and supplements and am currently a few weeks short of a year relapse free. Based on my first year with this illness that’s a big deal. I don’t know what is working but my blood pressure dropped from 145/90 to 125/75. I can’t help but think BP may have played a part.
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Re: Hormone Cycle/MS Self Study

Postby vesta » Wed Mar 26, 2014 7:10 am

Hello Kronk:
Thanks much for your comment. As you will note, I wrote that diary 30 years ago, presumably there is more awareness of the role of diet/supplements etc than existed then. You are probably at least 30 years younger than me, maybe more. The missing link for me was the blood reflux, central nervous system fluid dynamics. When I moved to France I began eating glutens (which are really a no no for me) stopped the diet in general and was under severe stress, with predictable results. I remember when I began to limp, I was crying and very upset and the blood must have been rushing up into my brain or spinal cord. All I needed to stop it was an upper back massage pushing the blood out of the brain. I then made the mistake of listening to an acupuncturist who said my Tens self acupressure treatments were useless. I could kick myself. All those years (up to summer 2010 when I read about liberation therapy) I went downhill and could have helped myself with a simple Tens self acupressure treatment. I wouldn't need a cane to walk today. I do insist on this because a little bit of knowledge and self help would have made all the difference for me. cheerleader's husband Jeff Beal continues to take Copaxone even though his angioplasty with stents done at Stanford spring 2009 continues to be a success. Also she has put him on a healthy diet/supplement regime. I don't think you ever have to fear another "attack" if you continue good nutrition/supplements, copaxone, exercise (as long as you don't risk injury to the skeletal structure which might impede blood flow) and maintaining blood/csf flow. Every morning I do a Tens Acupressure self help treatment (see blog post of the title) which has kept me going even though I haven't had an acupuncture treatment since October. I try to see an Osteopath once a month who works on freeing muscle tension and "fluid" flow. Even periodic back massages will do. (Whenever I feel tense I ask my husband for a quick upper back massage - 30 seconds will do. ) Thanks for writing, Vesta
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