Should I start tratment with Avonex? Dx by 1 of 2 doctors

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Should I start tratment with Avonex? Dx by 1 of 2 doctors

Postby nicolasmcdc » Sat Apr 12, 2014 8:08 pm

Hello. I had optic neuritis confirmed by an MRI. The symptoms started March 1st, on March 13th i was treated with ev corticoids and now I am seeing very well. At this moment my MRIs showed NO LESIONS (1.5 Tesla MRI). Then on April 6th I started feeling ¨weird¨ my right leg, specially my right foot and developed dropped foot (could not walk on heels). One doctor suggests to start treatment with interferon beta now, since he thinks that I do have MS but I could have invisible lesions and and the other doctor wants to wait. What should I do? Any recommendations? BTW, both neurologists are MS specialists, the first one is 65 and the second one is 34

I was also with a little ataxia when I was evaluated while I was wit the ON (now Im ok with this) and now I also have hyperreflexia and my legs and arms tremble
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Re: Should I start tratment with Avonex? Dx by 1 of 2 doctor

Postby Youarethecure » Sat Apr 12, 2014 9:18 pm

That's tough, because even if they both diagnosed you its still a tough decision to make.

Have you gotten new mri's to see if anything has progressed? You can also look at less intense drugs such as copaxone. I have been on that for over a month now with 0 issues. Personally, I wouldn't even go the medication route if it wasn't for the fact that I am a man. It tends to be more aggressive for men.

There are other routes to take as well like diet, exercise, nutrition. These also play an important role. Doing things in regards to all them is your best bet.

Best of luck, and hopefully you don't even have it or develop into it :smile:

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Re: Should I start tratment with Avonex? Dx by 1 of 2 doctor

Postby want2bike » Sun Apr 13, 2014 6:09 am

There was a study done in England showing the drugs do not work. I had a sister in law start avonex and the next day she needed a cane to walk. These are powerful drugs which are toxic to the body. Do what matters and get on a healthy diet meaning a diet with raw fruits and vegetables. Start exercising, get proper sleep and prayer and meditation and you can get your health back. You do not need the drugs. Let Dr. Bergman explain it. You follow the correct information you can get better. ... _embedded#!
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