New input on Bladder issues please, and wonderful Danish pro

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New input on Bladder issues please, and wonderful Danish pro

Postby msmything » Thu May 29, 2014 3:10 pm

Hi friends, I did a search for results on bladder problems, I have had many many episodes of loss of control lately, and the discussions I got were quite old, some at least 6 YO. I have gotten a lot of tests done, but the Doc wound up with a shrug of his shoulders.

One of the reasons I'm so adamant to get some resolve is that there is a program I just found out about from Denmark. It is call Oceans of Hope. It is a planned circumnavigation of the earth by sailing vessel manned by a majority of MSers, I have applied to go, but you can't have ANY bladder issues...

Check out Oceans of hope!!! I hope we all can get a leg of the journey!
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Re: New input on Bladder issues please, and wonderful Danish

Postby gibbledygook » Tue Jun 24, 2014 8:03 am

If you don't have bladder symptoms with MS then you are extremely lucky. I have been extremely lucky to have sailed a third of the way around the world with up to two others on a 60foot cutter rigged sloop. It ain't for sissies. I would only recommend the Atlantic crossing.

Will they face the cape of good hope or Somali pirates through the gulf of Aden? How are they getting past Africa?
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