Gait changes with balance-based torso-weighting in MS

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Gait changes with balance-based torso-weighting in MS

Postby MSUK » Thu Jul 10, 2014 2:05 am

Gait changes with balance-based torso-weighting in people with MS

Individuals with multiple sclerosis (PwMS) often have mobility impairments that may lead to falls and limitations in activities. Physiotherapy interventions that could improve mobility typically take several weeks. Balance-based torso-weighting (BBTW), a system of strategically placing light weights to improve response to balance perturbations, has resulted in immediate small improvements in clinical measures in PwMS, but changes in spatiotemporal gait parameters are unknown. The purpose was to examine the effects of BBTW on gait parameters in PwMS and healthy controls. This study is a non-randomized controlled experiment. The study was comprised of 20 PwMS and 20 matched healthy controls..... Read More -
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