What's normal???

If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.

What's normal???

Postby Melody » Mon Jun 05, 2006 7:04 am

John had one bout in 1998 of optic neuritis and then up to 2004 he had mini symptoms that no one ever connected to MS. His last main bout was Aug 2004 when he went lame and had pins and needles. That corrected in June of 2005. I'm knocking on wood as I write this :D but since 2004 we have really had nothing other than the excessive throat clearing and swallowing problem which only lasted a few days and was likely a cold and I panicked. How long do you usually get between relapses? Is there a norm and is there signs that tell you when another is approaching? I must admit I pretty much make sure John has nap time and I'm very particular what he eats as well as rather pushy with the supplements especially if I note he seems tired or I don't like his coloring. Is that a factor???? I'd like to hear from you guys and gals what you experience and deem to be normal to MS.
John was diagnosed Jan 2005. On lipitor 20mg .On Copaxone since July 4,2005. Vitamin D3 2000iu-4000iu (depending on sunshine months)June 10 2005(RX::Dr. O'Connor) Omega 3 as well Turmeric since April 2005. Q10 60mg. 1500mg liquid Glucosamine Nov 2005.
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uric acid?

Postby jimmylegs » Mon Jun 05, 2006 12:59 pm

i'm still working on recovery from my first attack in january. stupid hands won't get all the way better. so i know nothing about average times between relapses.

significant percentages of people with ms have been found to have low uric acid, low b12, low D... low uric acid is particularly relevant to the relapse condition... i don't know what ideal uric acid levels are, but for b12 >= 500 is the bottom end of the normal range in japan, and my doctors have me aiming for 125-150 nmol/l of serum D (at last count i was up to 72!!??!!)

so, maybe a baseline test for all three and annual checks thereafter, more often as needed if correction is required?
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Postby scoobyjude » Mon Jun 05, 2006 3:55 pm

Generally my relapses are 2 years apart but that was before I started Rebif so I'm hoping it might be even longer now. It seems that there is usually a pattern that the relapses follow in regards to how often and how they begin, at least in people I know. Everyone is different but usually there are signs that a relapse is underway even if they are minor at first. For me it's been numbness in my legs that starts the relapses.
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Postby CureOrBust » Tue Jun 06, 2006 3:19 am

How long do you usually get between relapses?

I am at the mercy of catching a cold/flu. I have only memories of having relapses when i catch something, usually within a week or two.
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Postby gwa » Tue Jun 06, 2006 12:25 pm

I have been SPMS for three decades. For the past 15 years I have been slowing getting worse without major relapses like when I was first diagnosed.

Now I just get worse when I have a cold or some other medical problem which effects my MS. For the most part I am stable and using a rollator or wheelchair for long outings.
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Postby rulerulz » Thu Jun 08, 2006 4:41 am

the worst is dreading relapses!
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