Boston Dad with MS Needs Visitation Rights Victory!

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Boston Dad with MS Needs Visitation Rights Victory!

Postby JOETESORA » Sun Sep 14, 2014 8:15 pm

Boston Dad with MS Needs Visitation Rights Victory!
Needs Lawyer's Fee ASAP!

My name is Joe. Thank you for reading, and for any assistance you can provide. I also encourage you to share this page with anyone you think might understand.

When my ex-wife and I split up nearly five years ago, our divorce agreement granted my ex-wife physical custody of our daughter, with legal custody shared equally. My visitation access was left open, allowing for as much adaptation and sharing of our daughter's time as possible. The result was, by any measure, a success. Between 2010-13, my daughter and I spent an average of 30 hours together during the school week, and every other Saturday entirely.

Despite the limitations placed on me by multiple sclerosis, I did everything I could to provide my daughter with emotional security, comfort, and the reliable, predictable structure that a developing child requires, especially if that child's home life has been upended by divorce.

Over the past several months, my ex-wife has decided that I should no longer have the same visitation access that I (and my daughter) have been accustomed to since 2010. Her justifications for this include a distrust of my judgment and decisions, the assumption that my disability makes me unsafe, and the belief that my condition makes me a liability to my daughter in a crisis.

This past spring, I volunteered to a 4-hour cognitive analysis at Brigham & Womens MS Center, to determine whether my judgment and reasoning might be impaired as a result of brain deterioration consistent with advanced multiple sclerosis. I was assessed to have "very high" to "superior" cognitive function, with no sign of even mild impairment. This result, naturally, was dismissed as inconclusive by my ex-wife.

After 4 years of seeing my daughter nearly every day, I've spent the summer trying to maintain our strong parental bond with occasional 30-minute chats in my car, parked in her mother's driveway. We used to watch cartoons, make crazy Saturday morning breakfasts, play board games, sing karaoke, read together -- then one day, that was over.

I work, I go to school, I keep a clean home and a full pantry, I pay child support, and I've kept myself a fixture in my daughter's life since day one. My attorney has fifteen years of experience in family law, and feels that my ex-wife's demand for supervised visitation -- a condition typically ordered for parents with substance issues, or documented abuse, or kidnap risk -- is absurd in this case.

I've earned the right to be more than just an occasional participant in my daughter's life, but I need your support to secure her representation in time for our day in court.
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